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Silicon Valley Career Resources

Silicon Valley Job Newsgroups and Usenet

Below, are job newsgroups (also called Usenet) exclusively for or encompassing the San Francisco Bay Area. For occupation-specific newsgroups and those outside of the Bay Area, including overseas, see the category Job Newsgroups.

You may need to configure the news options in your browser, email application, or other news reader, especially to add the IP address of your Internet service provider's Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) server. (Instructions for Netscape and Internet Explorer are included below.) If you have correctly configured your news reader but are unable to contact a newsgroup, it probably means that your ISP does not subscribe to it or it's gone out of service.

Some newsgroups are very picky about what you post. There are privacy issues you may want to know about, too. If you're not sure how to participate in newsgroups, see the help sites below. Also see the article Job Newsgroups.


Lots of junk, but occasionally a few real jobs in the Bay Area.

Bay Area jobs

Bay Area jobs by employment agencies

Bay Area contract jobs

Bay Area contract jobs by employment agencies

Bay Area direct (permanent) jobs

Bay Area jobs

Bay Area miscellaneous jobs

Bay Area résumés

California jobs

San Jose jobs (My Internet provider does not yet subscribe to this group, so I'm not sure about it.)

Sacramento jobs

Sacramento jobs

San Luis Obispo jobs

Sunnyvale jobs (by Stanford University)

Jobs of interest to University of California at Berkeley, computer science students and faculty

Jobs of interest to University of California at Berkeley, students and faculty

Jobs of interest to University of California at Davis, computer science students and faculty

Jobs of interest to University of California at Davis, students and faculty

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Anonymity and Privacy on the Internet
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
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Search for jobs posted in up to 70 newsgroups at a time, by location or area code. Also search for jobs pulled from employer Web sites.

Free Software
Search job newsgroups automatically with Job Watcher for Windows 95/NT. You can check for upgrades online, too. A bit clunky to set up, and you must know which newsgroups you want to search.

Google Groups - Bay Area Jobs
As a Web interface to newsgroups, Google provides a way to search, read and participate without configuring your browser. Just browse it as you would any other Web site.

How to Set Up Internet Explorer 2.0
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How to Set Up Internet Explorer 3.0
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How to Set Up Internet Explorer 4.0
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How to Set Up Netscape Communicator 4.x
Instructions for configuring Netscape Communicator for newsgroups. See the discussion group information in Chapter 4, Using Collabra.

How to Set Up Netscape Navigator 2.x and Higher
Instructions for configuring Netscape for newsgroups.

Job Newsgroups
Local, regional, and occupation-specific newsgroups outside of the Bay Area, including overseas.

Job Newsgroups
From your About.com Guide, "What are newsgroups?" plus tips for using them in your job hunt.

Job Search
From your About.com Guide, search for jobs in newsgroups and at selected career sites, right here at Job Searching - Technical.

Liszt Select: Business/Jobs
A directory of mailing lists to which you may subscribe. This links you to the job lists, but you may wish to search and refine your choices. Be sure to read the instructions for each list!

Tech Know: How to Use the Newsgroups
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Usenet Help
Don't know how to participate in newsgroups? Check here for complete details.

What are Newsgroups?
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