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Resume Databases
Guide picks
Include your resume or CV in an online database, or on a CD-ROM distributed to employers and recruiters.

Avoiding I and My in Your Resume
From your About.com Guide, how to avoid writing the words I and my in your resume. Includes examples.

Create Your Own Web Resume
From your About.com Guide. Impress technical employers by demonstrating your computer smarts, right off the bat.

How to Convert Your Resume
Tips for preparing your resume for job sites and email with Microsoft® Word.

Letter Writing Desk
From your About.com Guide, help writing resume cover letters, thank you letters, letters of resignation, letters of reference, and other employment-related correspondence.

Resumes 101
From your About.com Guide, learn the basics about chronological, functional, combination and electronic resumes. Includes samples.

Should You Lie on Your Resume?
From your About.com Guide: Surveys indicate that lots of job seekers do, so why shouldn't you? Voice your opinion in the poll.

Submitting Your Resume
From your About.com Guide, a collection of tips and tricks for distributing your resume, especially on the Internet.

Writing Resumes
From your About.com Guide, Net links to free advice for writing and improving your paper and electronic résumés. Includes free résumé software, too.

CasinoCareers Online
If you qualify, post your résumé. Employers contact you directly when they have openings. Technical positions include maintaining slot machines, surveillance equipment and computers.

Diversity Resume Event
They don't come right out with it, but they appear to be a résumé bank for women and minorities in the US. Also link to profiles and opportunities of participating companies.

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