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Career Planning
College Connection
Cultural Diversity
Labor Laws
Women's Resources

401(k) Options
If you permanently leave your job, what happens to your 401(k) account?

Avoiding Identity Theft Through Job Bank Fraud
Job banks have revolutionized the way we search for jobs. Unfortunately, job banks have also revolutionized the way identity-theft con artists prey on their victims. Learn how to avoid the dirty tricks con artists play through job bank fraud.

Baby Boomers Rule in New Millennium
Baby boomers are the fastest growing group in the U.S. labor force.

Career Books
Improve your leadership skills, discover your purpose in life, match your personality to a job, land your dream job, change your career and more, with these self-help career books by experts in their fields.

Career Change
Advice for making a career change. Includes related resume and networking tips.

COBRA Insurance FAQs
Answers to frequently-asked questions about COBRA continuation of health insurance coverage.

Computer and Web Career Books
Best-selling, computer and Web career books that help you discover a career path in information technology, locate certification, education and training resources, uncover and market your talents, land a computer job, and sustain and advance your career.

Computer Forensics Careers
Learn how to become a "cyber cop" by starting a computer forensics career. Includes links to computer forensics job and training resources.

Computer Job Skills
What computer jobs are and aren't, plus tips to help you answer the question, "Which skills do I need to land a computer job?"

Computer Programmer Jobs
Learn about computer programmer jobs. Includes typical educational requirements for starting a computer programming career, plus information about salary, employment and the job outlook.

Computer Software Engineer Jobs
Learn about computer support jobs, which include technical support and help-desk jobs. Explains typical educational requirements for starting a career as a computer support specialist and provides information about wages, employment, and the job outlook.

Computer Support Jobs
Learn about computer support jobs, which include technical support and help-desk jobs. Includes typical educational requirements for starting a career as a computer support specialist, plus information about wages, employment and the job outlook.

Computer Systems Analyst Jobs
Learn about computer systems analyst jobs. Includes typical educational requirements for starting a computer systems analyst career, plus information about salary, employment and the job outlook.

Consulting Business Books
Best-selling books that help you get started in computer consulting, or any other type of consulting, contracting or freelancing business. They cover the gamut, including start-up costs, self-employment taxes, marketing your services, customizing and negotiating contracts (agreements), and legal considerations. Sample agreements included.

Should you stay or should you go?

Disability Insurance Benefits Programs
If you become disabled and can't work, there are several disability insurance and other types of disability benefits programs in the U.S. that will help you pay the bills, get back to work, or both.

Dot-Com or Dot-Con?
Looking to start a home-based biz? Get tips on how Internet business opportunity scams operate, so you can avoid them. Includes links to the "Top Ten Dot Cons" and other scam warnings, according to consumer watchdog agencies.

Giving Two Weeks Notice of Resignation
Must you give two weeks notice in advance of resigning? The answer depends on whether or not you agreed to do so by contract. Includes a link to resignation letter samples you may download.

Government Job Scams
Don't be a victim! These are among the classic, fee-based job scams. Here are tips for avoiding them, plus links to legit government jobs with U.S. Federal, state and city agencies.

How NOT to Land a Job
Common types of resume, cover letter, job application and interview blunders to avoid.

How to Job Search Confidentially
Tips for keeping your resumes, job applications, interviews, networking and other job-searching activities confidential, so your current employer doesn't discover that you intend to jump ship.

How to Resign with Class
How to quit your job gracefully to avoid burning your bridges. Includes resignation letter samples you may download for free.

Legit Work at Home Jobs
Tired of losing your money to the work-at-home job and business-opportunity scams? Discover legit ways to land real telecommuting and work-at-home jobs or start up a profitable home-based business, from honest, experienced book authors who know what they're talking about. Computer work-at-home jobs and home-based Internet business opportunities are included.

Internships: Working for Peanuts
Internships help you find out what you want and don't want to do in your career.

Job and Career Books For Dummies®
The popular "For Dummies" self-help books are not really for dummies. But they are written straightforwardly in plain English, in a friendly style that's often witty and makes learning easier, more enjoyable, and even entertaining. They're great for learning the easy way to job search, write resumes and cover letters, ace interviews, negotiate salary, change and manage your career, start freelancing, land internships, and more.

Job Fraud: Tip-Offs to Rip-Offs
Don't become a victim of job scams.

Job Outlook 2000
Facts, figures and projections for the U.S. labor force into the new millennium, including the 10 fastest growing occupations.

Job Search Books
The Web is a great place to find free job searching and interviewing advice, but it's not a magic pill. When preparing for a job search, it's a good idea to research all the self-help resources you can get your hands on. These books are among today's most popular job-searching aids.

Job Tips for College Grads
A six-part series covering everything from focusing on your career to acing the interview.

Labor Laws
You might be surprised to learn that there are virtually no U.S. labor laws that specifically mandate how your employer must treat you. But there are some broad laws that generally define and protect your rights as a worker.

Overseas Job Scams
Working abroad for high pay, attractive benefits and extraordinary perks sounds exotic, doesn't it? But don't be fooled. These exaggerated claims rip off thousands of victims annually. Here are tips for avoiding scams and where to find the real overseas jobs.

Paid Surveys
Paid surveys are nothing new, despite the recent bombardment of paid survey ads on the Web. Market research companies and the like have been paying consumers to participate in surveys, focus groups and such for some time now. But several questionable "middleman" sites are jumping on the paid survey bandwagon. Are they running online paid survey scams?

Preparing to Leave Your Job
Plan ahead to resign, and be prepared if you happen to get laid off or fired from your job.

Resigning Your Job
Tips and resources for resigning your job without burning your bridges. Includes free resignation letter samples you may download or copy for personal use.

Resume Writing Software
If you're a do-it-yourselfer or can't afford to pay a writing service up to $200+, consider these relatively-inexpensive software packages that make it easier to write, polish and update your resume. Some are complete job-searching tools that also help you to job search on the Web, electronically distribute your resume, write job-related letters, stay organized, and even practice interviewing.

Salary, Benefits and Perks vs Hourly Pay
Thinking about becoming an independent contractor or reverting back to employee? Here are tips for converting employee salary, benefits and perks into equivalent contractor rates, and vice versa.

Social Security
Social Security is about much more than just a card number and retirement. Find out if you're eligible to tap all benefits offered by the Social Security Administration offices, including disability, vocational rehabilitation, Medicare, supplemental income, and family and survivor well-being.

Surviving Layoff
Tips for predicting and dealing with job loss and negotiating a better deal.

Surviving Lame-Duck Employee Syndrome
If you quit your job and have to stay through your notice period, how do you handle it if your boss blatantly resents that you quit, and coworkers avoid you for fear of being associated with The Quitter?

Tax Time Again
A virtual, deep-link tour inside the IRS site for taxes, credits and deductions related to your job. Links for self-employed independent contractors included. A recurring feature updated for U.S. tax year 2001.

Telecommuting: A Matter of Trust
Learn how to avoid the scams and become a genuine telecommuter.

If you're a recent grad, between jobs, thinking about changing careers, independent or adventurous, then temping might be right for you.

Unemployment Insurance
If you lose your job in the U.S., there's a good chance that you are entitled to collect unemployment insurance checks and other benefits from your state unemployment office. Includes info on eligibility, benefits, and when and where to apply.

Veterans' Preference in Government Jobs
Certain veterans and disabled veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces receive preference in hiring for Federal government jobs. Once hired, veterans are also granted retention preference during Federal workforce reductions. Find out if you're eligible.

Web Analytics - Job of the Future
Web analytics and its career growth simply explained, with links to Web analytics jobs, education and software vendors.

Welfare to Work
Programs and services that help unemployed, disadvantaged and disabled people get off or avoid the welfare rolls, and become more self-sufficient through childcare, job-training and employment assistance.

What are Your References Saying about You?
How to rehearse your references, so they say the right things. Includes sample questions.

What's in a Severance Package?
Here's what you might expect to receive (or try to negotiate) in a severance package.

Women's Career Resources
Organizations and career sites that help women break out of traditional job roles and right through the glass ceiling.

Work-at-Home Job Scams
Work-at-home job scams rip off thousands of people annually. Here are tips for avoiding them.

Work for a Profitable Company
If you wouldn't risk your investment money in a company, should you risk your career investment?

Workers' Compensation Insurance
About eligibility, benefits, lawyers, and Federal and state laws, plus how to file and appeal a disability claim.

Working as an Independent Contractor
Tired of being a wage slave? Read about the pros, cons, and how to get started.

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