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Welfare to Work
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Part 2: Welfare to Work Programs

While there's certainly no shortage of welfare reform information on the Web for government agencies, employers and just about every other organization under the sun, resources that lead to the "helping-hand" welfare to work programs don't exactly leap out at those who need them most. Many are simply existing and reformed programs and services that are not necessarily called Welfare to Work programs, such as apprenticeship programs, state unemployment benefits, Social Security benefits, and general government job resources. However, unemployed, disadvantaged and disabled people may take advantage of any of the appropriate Federal, state and local government programs and services to avoid or get off the welfare rolls, or meet minimum work and training requirements to collect welfare.

Below are just a few of the programs and services associated with Welfare to Work. To research more, click the resources listed under Elsewhere on the Web in the sidebar to your right.

Worker-Trainee Program

Although originally established in 1968 as a response to high unemployment in depressed communities, President Clinton directed government agencies to use the program as a way to hire people off the welfare rolls. The program gives promising entry-level candidates an opportunity to "earn while they learn" marketable skills and good work habits, that are important for government jobs. Hiring agencies select candidates mostly on their willingness to learn and do simple, routine work.

Agencies hire worker-trainees as temporary employees. Once trainees satisfactorily complete three years of service, the employing agencies might move them into career positions. Federal agencies announce these vacancies on their Web sites, through state and local government job service offices (e.g., One-Stop Centers), on the Federal Employment Information System, or all of the above. (USAJobs is one way for candidates and hiring agencies to access the System. For more ways, see the article "Landing a US Government Job".) For more information about the program including salaries, promotions and benefits, see the Worker-Trainee Program by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Veterans' Preference does not apply in this case, but it does for most other government jobs.

Veterans' Preference

Speaking of which, Veterans' Preference is one way for veterans and disabled veterans to try to stay out of the ranks of the unemployed and off the welfare rolls. If you qualify, you'll receive preferential consideration when applying for government jobs.

Job Corps

This is an education and job-training program at the community level for "at-risk" youth, ages 16 through 24. It provides disadvantaged young people with academic, vocational and social-skills training, to help them gain independence and land long-term jobs or continue their education. For information about qualifying, enrolling and locating the nearest training center, browse the Job Corps Web site. Job Corps Connections is for employers interested in learning more and hiring students.

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