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Companies Offering Work at Home
By Guide J. Steven Niznik

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  Companies Offering Work at Home

Most reputable companies that allow you to work at home (telecommute) don't advertise it. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense: Are they so desperate for people to work from home that they must advertise it? Of course not. They'd be bombarded by resumes from wannabes if they did.

That's why it's a good idea to be very suspicious of any company or person who advertises work at home, work from home or telecommuting jobs, especially if they charge you a fee to join up or find out about them. Despite what con artists who profit from it might lead you to believe, telecommuting is not a job. It's also not a privilege that you earn by paying for it. It's a benefit that open-minded companies allow for trusted employees who work jobs that are conducive to it. You must first qualify for the job, with or without the telecommuting benefit.

Here's how it typically works outside of the con artist's realm. First, you'd find a "regular" job for which you qualify at a legit company that allows telecommuting as a benefit. Then, if the job lends itself well to it, you'd negotiate the benefit. Beyond that and becoming self-employed as an independent contractor, just about everything else "work at home" is a scam.

The bad news is, you typically don't know about legit companies that allow telecommuting, until you interview or start working for one. The good news is, roughly 51% of US major companies do allow telecommuting these days, and it's a growing trend. But, you have to find them, and one of the best ways is through networking. With the help of the members in our Job Searching: Technical Community, that's really what this article is all about.

Do you know of reputable companies that allow telecommuting? Do you or have you worked for one? If so, please post relevant company names in this forum thread (also linked above-right, under Join a Discussion) or just check it if you want to see the companies others have posted. Check back often for new posts. To get our networking ball rolling, the next page introduces a company with liberal telecommuting benefits and suggests some others to investigate.

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