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Full Block Business Letter Components - 2

This is page 2 of the sample. It includes the formal components of modified block business letters, but as with page 1, some of these components are optional for typical, employment-related business letters. You may download or copy samples, examples or templates of employment-related business letters, by clicking on the links below.

This business letter format is just a guide. Variations and customizations are common. Want to download this sample without the graphics? Click Download Samples here or in the menu below.

Business Letter Sample


  1. Heading:  Type the recipient's name, Date and Reference Line from page 1, and page number. If you don't know the recipient's name, type the same thing as you did in the Inside Address on page 1; e.g., the company name.

  2. Body: Type two spaces between sentences. Keep it brief and to the point.

  3. Complimentary Close: What you type here depends on the tone and degree of formality. For example,

  • Respectfully yours (very formal)
  • Sincerely (typical, less formal)
  • Very truly yours (polite, neutral)
  • Cordially yours (friendly, informal)
  • Signature Block: Leave four blank lines after the Complimentary Close (3) to sign your name. Sign your name exactly as you type it below your signature. Title is optional depending on relevancy and the degree of formality. Examples are

    • John Doe, Manager
    • P. Smith
      Director, Technical Support
    • R. T. Jones - Sr. Field Engineer
  • Identification Initials: If someone typed the letter for you, he or she would typically include three of your initials in all uppercase characters, then two of his or hers in all lowercase characters. If you typed it, just skip it since your name is already in the Signature Block (4). Common styles are below.

    • JAD/cm
    • JAD:cm
    • clm
  • Enclosure Notation: This line tells the reader to look in the envelope for more documents. Type the singular for only one enclosure, plural for more. If you don't enclose anything, skip it. Common styles are below.

    • Enclosure
    • Enclosures: 3
    • Enclosures (3)
  • cc: Stands for courtesy copies (formerly carbon copies). List the names of people to whom you distribute copies, in alphabetical order. If addresses would be useful to the recipient of the letter, include them. If you don't copy your letter to anyone, skip it.

  • Tips:

    • Replace the text in brackets [ ] with the component indicated. Don't type the brackets.

    • Use letterhead only for the first page. Just use a blank sheet of paper for continuation pages.

    • If you don't type one of the more formal components, don't leave space for them. For example, if you don't type the Identification Initials (5) and Enclosure Notation (6), type cc: (7) one blank line below the Signature Block (4).

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