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Free career planning and counseling for landing a job, keeping your career on track, dealing with career problems, sharpening your skills, protecting your rights and more.
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Career Books
Improve your leadership skills, explore computer jobs and certifications, discover your purpose in life, match your personality to a job, land your dream job, change your career, and more, with these self-help books by experts in their fields.
Career Guidance Topic Guide
From your About.com Guide, link to all the Career Guidance articles and other resources here at Job Searching: Technical.
Career Planning
From your About.com Guide to Career Planning, dozens of original articles and Net resources to guide you down your career path.
Computer Certifications
A four-year, computer science degree is not required to land a good-paying, computer job. One, well-chosen computer certification course is all it takes to get the ball rolling. Includes information about A+, Cisco, Microsoft, Novell and Oracle Certifications, and training and exams for same.
Computer Job Skills
From your About.com Guide, what they are and aren't, plus tips to help you answer the question, "Which skills do I need to get a computer job?"
Disability Insurance Benefits Programs
Disability insurance benefits programs offered by US employers and state and Federal government agencies. Disability insurance benefits programs offered by the Social Security Administration and Veterans Benefits Administration are included.
Job Outlook - U.S.
Highlights of a U.S. job outlook survey, that forecasts an overall healthy hiring increase in the third quarter of 2005. Includes a link to job outlook 2005 surveys for other countries, as well as past and future job outlook surveys for the U.S. and other countries.
Popular Legal Matters
From your About .com Guide, job-related articles about drug testing, wrongful termination, background checks, credit checks, severance pay, workplace privacy, labor laws, independent contractor vs. employee, interviewing while pregnant, work-at-home scams, and more.
Surviving Layoffs
From your About.com Guide, tips for predicting and dealing with job loss from the Asian crisis, and negotiating a better deal.
US Unemployment Rate Report
US unemployment rate report for November, 2004. A link to a regularly updated unemployment rate report is included.
Career Assessment Quiz
Take this free online quiz to generally determine which career best suits your interests and work style. Lots of other career advice and tools too, from Princeton Review, the company that helps students crack the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT).
Career Counseling One-on-One
Search for certified career development counselors in your area of the US, who are members of the National Board for Certified Counselors.
Career Development Manual
Award winner from University of Waterloo covers self-assessment to life planning, and everything in between. Not just for college students!
Career Key
Measure your personality and find the jobs that best fit you. For youths and adults who are making career decisions, courtesy of Lawrence K. Jones, PhD.
Offers live seminars, and audio and video tapes in a variety of behavioral and work-relevant topics. Sample their audio and video tapes online.
Certification Watch
Stay up to date on the latest and greatest in technical certifications of all kinds, at "The domain for the certifiable."
Choosing a Career
Just one example of the Canadian Government's generous career advice for British Columbians at WorkFutures.Com, but useful to all. (Aussi en Franšais.)
COBRA Health Benefits
Information about continuing your group health insurance coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act.
Computer Training Directory
Find a US training facility near you by state and discipline, courtesy of Computer Currents Magazine. Includes tips on selecting a facility.
The Contract Employee's Handbook
A useful, free resource for technical and professional, independent contractors, by James R. Ziegler, Ph.D. Topics range from getting started to legal issues.
Discover Engineering
Designed for youth, but useful for all, it includes facts such as what engineers do for a living and how much money they make, plus educational video clips, games and links.
As promotion for fee-based legal services, free advice for everything from age discrimination to sexual harassment. Primarily addresses California laws.
Employee Benefit News
A resource for employers, and an "inside scoop" for employees. Requires subscription but some resources are free. Free trial subscription.
Explore Technical Careers
Courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Economic Security. Includes several other careers too, such as medical, business and mechanical.
Federal Employees Survival Guide
Resources to help you start a government career or transition from a government job. Includes retirement resources and federal jobs sorted by region and state.
Find a Family-Friendly Workplace
How to find a company that offers family-friendly benefits, such as flex hours, telecommuting, child-care programs and generous maternity leave. Courtesy of TrueCareers.com.
Go for IT!
An initiative by the US Department of Commerce to help you explore computer careers. Includes academic resources, scholarships, on-the-job training, and more.
Free Career Software
Download Career32.zip from Filelibrary.com for Windows 95/NT, to discover which careers suit your aptitudes.
How to Build Your Online Career
Tips for landing Web-related jobs and advancing your current career in the Net industry, by Judy DeMocker.
How to Conduct an Effective Job Search
This comprehensive guide from Jobtrak.com for college students, includes advice on the job search process, and writing employment letters and resumes.
How to Quit Your Job Gracefully
General tips for quitting your job.
Interest Finder Quiz
At MyFuture.Com, a career resource for high school students. Includes lots of other advice, too. Tell your kids about it!
Internet Job Search Orientation
Free advice from The Online Development Center. Lots of other free resources, too.
The career section of this comprehensive network for women includes loads of free advice, features, job classifieds, message boards, and chat sessions.
Job Coach
Specializes in software products, but also offers free advice to help you find and keep a job that suits you.
Microsoft Training and Services
Helps you get into an IT career or update your skills the Microsoft way. Includes information on their prestigious certifications.
Novell Certification
Novell is a leader in IT training and certification. This page explains the certification paths and how to go about them.
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it describes everything from the nature of work to earnings, for dozens of fields.
Resignations and Counteroffers
Tips for resigning gracefully and universally accepted truths about counteroffers.
Temping Articles
Lots of informative articles about landing and working temporary jobs.
Transferable Skills Survey
From the University of Minnesota, discover which skills from your life experiences are transferable to a job. Especially useful for students and others with limited career experience.
US Visa Information
Free advice about visas required for immigrants to work in the US. Includes other free resources, plus fee-based legal services by immigration attorneys specializing in IT professionals.
Work & Career
This special section from U.S. News serves up career advice all kinds of ways.
The Work Doctor
"Support & Information to reverse & help prevent workplace bullying."
Workplace Rights
Drug testing, electronic monitoring, discrimination, whistleblower protection, and wrongful discharge are just a few of the hot issues the ACLU addresses.
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