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Computer and Web Career Books
Best-selling, computer and Web career books that help you discover a career path in information technology, locate certification, education and training resources, uncover and market your talents, land a computer job, and sustain and advance your career.
Computer Job Survival GuideComputer Job Survival Guide
By Janet Ruhl, ISBN: 0964711648
Explains the many types of computer jobs, what you might expect in salary, benefits and perks, and how to break in with various credentials (such as with or without a degree). Job searching, resume, interviewing and salary-negotiation tips are included. So are tips for keeping your career alive, and the pros and cons of computer consulting. Ruhl has authored other popular, related books, such as Answers for Computer Contractors, Computer Consultant's Workbook and Computer Consultant's Guide.
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Career Opportunities in Computers and Cyberspace
By Harry Henderson, ISBN: 0816037744
Explore dozens of computer careers, each cross-referenced to related computer careers to help you focus on your interests. Each also includes an overview of the job duties, various job titles, salary range, employment and advancement prospects, and prerequisites required, such as special skills and training. Tips for researching computer career planning via the Web are included, too.
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Get Your IT Career In Gear!
By Leslie Jaye Goff, ISBN: 0072126833
Learn how to establish, sustain and advance in your IT career, from an author who knows her IT stuff. Goff has 15+ years of IT career and workplace writing experience, for top-notch national publications such as Computerworld, The New York Times, and Information Week. She offers advice about the career paths available to you and skills that hiring IT managers look for, dispels myths about the profession (including the need for a degree), and provides profiles of real-world IT professionals.
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Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors
By Mark Rowh, Jan Goldberg, ISBN: 0071390391
Helps you to assess your strengths and interests, choose the ideal location for computer jobs, establish your standard of living, explore career paths, identify the best employers, and set a strategy for landing the computer job you want.
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Success without College: Careers in the Computer Field
By Huey Allen, Joanne C. Wachter, ISBN: 0764112384
Targeted primarily to high school students, it tells how and where to get "non-college" training for a variety of good-paying computer jobs. Positions described include computer operator, programmer, Website designer and computer technician. It also presents offshoot opportunities, such as computer sales, training, technical writing, and consulting. Tips for creating a resume and job interviewing are included, along with general advice for high school students to get a head start on landing computer jobs.
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Careers for Computer Buffs & Other Technological Types
By Marjorie Eberts, Margaret Gisler, ISBN: 0844247073
Read about dozens of jobs that involve working with computers, from computer buffs who have turned their love of computers into satisfying careers. Fields covered include systems analysis, programming, design, sales and marketing, information systems, education and contracting. For both career beginners and career changers.
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