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Technical Job Descriptions and Career Paths

Technical job descriptions and career paths. Information about different careers within the technology industry.
Information About Jobs in IT
Learn more about the various jobs in IT. Information technology encompasses a wide variety of specialties, and there are several job titles that sound similar to each other. Check out the information about some of the common jobs in IT for more information about these exciting positions.
CIO - Chief Information Officer
Learn waht a CIO is and the importance of the CIO in an organization. Find out what background a CIO needs to have to be successful. Includes links to CIO resources and educational information. Find out if you have what it takes to be a CIO.
Network Administrator Profile - What Is a Network Administrator
Information about what a Network Administrator does. How to become a Network Administrator. Includes links to training for network administrators. Lists of companies that hire network administrators.
Career Profile - Software Engineer
Software Engineer description. Software Engineer job profile, typical compensation and qualifications. Information about Software Engineer career path and fields employing software engineers. Companies that hire Software Engineers.
Career Profile - Network Engineer
Profile of a Network Engineer. How to become a Network Engineer. Training, education and compensation expectations for Network Engineers. Companies that are hiring Network Engineers.
Career Profile - Database Administrator
Database Administrator job description. Education requirements and compensation for Database Administrator. Fields employing database administrators, as well as links to Database Administrator user groups.
Project Manager - Career Profile
Project Manager Career Profile. Project Managers are responsible for managing the resources and constraints of a project. Information about the education, career path and software used by Project Managers. How to become a Project Manager.
Career Profile - System Administrator
System Administrator job profile, typical compensation, required education, and career path. Fields employing System Administrators. Links to information about System Administration user groups. Links to companies that typically hire System Administrators.
Career Profile - Web Developer
Web Developer career profile. Description of a Web Developer and the education, skills and career path options for a Web Developer. Programming languages that Web Developers commonly use. Companies that hire Web Developers.
Career Profile - Web Designer
Web Designer career profile. Web Designer description of duties, education and career path. How to become a Web Designer. Companies that hire Web Designers.
Games Programmer - How to Become a Games Programmer
Profile of a Games Programmer. Learn what a Games Programmer is and how to become a Games Programmer. Get information about Games Programming degrees. Find out what companies are hiring Games Programmers.
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Profile description for a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. What a Software Quality Assurance team does. Education, training and certifications to get a job as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. How to find a job as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer.
Career Profile - Electrical Engineer
Information about Electrical Engineers. What an Electrical Engineer does. How to become an Electrical Engineer. Companies that hire Electrical Engineers. Includes links to industry associations, resources and training for Electrical Engineers.
Profile of a Software Test Engineer
Software Test Engineer profile. A description of what a Software Test Engineer does, how to become a Software Test Engineer and resources for software testing. Also includes links to resources for Software Test Engineers. Companies that hire Software Test Engineers.
Mechanical Engineer Career Profile
Mechanical Engineers profile. How to become a Mechanical Engineer. Education and society resources for Mechanical Engineers. Links to some companies that hire Mechanical Engineers.
Information Technology - Definition and History
Information Technology and IT definition. What information technology actually means. How information technology is different from computer science. Information technology history and trends.
Career Profile - Webmaster
Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about Webmaster jobs. What a Webmaster does, average pay ranges and required education.
Career Profile - Software Architect
Information about Software Architects from Wikipedia. Profile of the Software Architect position. Typical job duties, education requirements, and possible career paths.
Game Developer - 2007 Game Career Guide Issue
The 2007 Games Development Game Career Guide is available for a small purchase proce of $5.95. The guide can be digitally downloaded or print copies may be ordered. Contains detailed information about careers in the games development industry.
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