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Career Profile - Electrical Engineer


Electrical Engineer Profile:

Overview - Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers design, develop and test electronic systems, devices and equipment. Examples of these systems include computer components, GPS systems, communications systems, antennas, receivers, lighting systems, wiring systems, power generators, aircrafts, automobiles, and so much more.

There are several specialty fields within Electrical Engineering, including Automatic Controls, Digital Systems (Computer Systems), Electromagnetics, Electronics, Electrical Power and Communication and Signal Processing.

Education for Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineering is a degree program. When considering universities, you should look for a program that is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology or ABET. There are all levels of degrees up to PhD. It is not uncommon for Electrical Engineers to attend school through the Masters and into the PhD level. A recent survey of the leading industry organization, the IEEE showed that 20% of members have a PhD.

Becoming a Electrical Engineer

If you enjoy learning how things work, or if you were the kid always taking your parents appliances apart and trying to put them back together again, then this is the field for you. As mentioned earlier, Electrical Engineers should find an ABET accredited program. A BSEE is the normal undergraduate degree, followed by a MSEE and a PhD. You will likely be drawn to a specialty field during your studies, which will help you to determine an area of concentration within the field.

Electrical Engineer Career Path

Hands on experience is critical in this field. While you are in school, plan to work in co-op and internships as much as possible. Academic departmental research can also play an important role in the career of an Electrical Engineer. Any hands on experience will help you get a job in the "real world" and will also help when it comes time to apply for an advanced degree.

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