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Career Profile - Project Manager


Project Manager Overview

A Project Manager is responsible for managing the resources of large projects. For Tech Careers, can mean managing large Software Development projects, Networking projects, IT installations or conversions, or any other function where business and technology needs have to be managed and resources have to be coordinated.

The Project Manager is responsible for making sure a project is completed within a certain set of restraints. These restraints usually involve time, money, people and materials. The project must then be completed to a certain level of quality.

Project Managers usually use Project Management Software to help keep track of resources and project deliverables (or outputs). This software helps document the project objectives, status, time lines and expected outcomes. Current popular project management software products include:


Project Managers usually have a degree and several years of experience in their field of expertise. Ideally, a Project Manager will have additional Project Management Training, such as a certification through the Project Management Institute.

Becoming a Project Manager

In Technology Careers, a Project Manager is often promoted from the individual contributor ranks. Most technical companies prefer to hire Project Managers that have worked in a similar technical environment and can appreciate the complexities that are usually involved.

Becoming a project manager can be a good way to take on management responsibilities while staying current in development. Taking classes or becoming certified in project management is a good way to branch into this field.

Project Manager Career Path

There are various levels of Project Management, and differences between the size and scope of projects to manage. A Project Manager may be promoted to larger projects. A good project manager will often, given enough experience, be eligible for promotion to a senior role, such as a Group Manager or a Group Director.

Companies Hiring Technical Project Managers:

Project Managers are in high demand, especially those with a technical background. Check out the best places to work listings for other great companies to research.

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