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Software Quality Assurance Engineer


Career Profile – Software Quality Assurance Engineer:

Overview - Software Quality Assurance

A Software Quality Assurance Engineer is involved in the entire software development process to ensure the quality of the final product. This can include processes such as requirements gathering and documentation, source code control, code review, change management, configuration management, release management and the actual testing of the software. Software QA is often confused with Software Testing, but should not be. Testing is a big part of Software Quality Assurance, but it is not, by any means, the only part of it.

Education - Software Quality Assurance

A Software Quality Assurance Engineer often has a Computer Science or similar degree. There are specific certifications available, the most notable being from the Quality Assurance Institute.

There are many programs available online as well, such as:

Becoming a Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Software QA Engineers must be familiar with the entire SDLC in order to be effective. They may start out as Software Engineers or as Testing Engineers. They should have strong communication skills, be good at documenting their work, and must be able to work well with different groups. They often become the middle person between the Developers and the Customers, so they need to be able to understand, and convey, both viewpoints.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer Career Path

A Software Quality Assurance Engineer usually starts out as either a Developer or a Testing Engineer. As they become more proficient as Software QA Engineers, they may more on to more complicated projects with more complex code. They make take on more responsibility for the process, being promoted to Senior Software Quality Engineers and eventually on to a Software QA Manager role.

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