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Changing Careers

Check out this section if you're thinking of switching from one field of technology to another, or if you're planning on entering tech and your background is in something completely different. Learn how to make a smooth transition and transfer your skills.

How to Plan Out Your IT Career Change
Guidelines on how to plan out your next IT career move: assessing your skills and motivation for change; researching careers of interest and determining the skills and education you need to make the switch; and preparing resumes, cover letters and job interview strategies.

Resignation Letters - Samples
Examples of resignation letters that can be used as a guide to writing your own resignation letter when you are changing technical careers.

How To Write A Cover Letter
Find out how to maximize your cover letter's potential so you can market yourself to prospective employers.

Resume Writing - Guidelines for New Grads
Guidelines for writing a resume, including the purpose of the resume and which format you should follow, as well as what to do after you have finished writing it.

Thank You Letters
Thank you letter samples, examples, templates and tips for following up after interviews.

Job Tenure and the Myth of Job Hopping
Despite reports that people are more likely than ever before to hop from one job to another, the latests report from the Department of Labor shows people are changing jobs less than they did ten years ago, and only slightly more often than they did thirty years ago.

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