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Cisco Systems - Company Profile



Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Cisco Systems Inc. designs and sells networking and communications technology and services. The company, launched in 1984, targets the business, education, government and home markets.

Cisco's Products:

While Cisco's first product was a multiple-protocol router, the company's range of products and services is much wider today. The products fall under number of categories:

  • Network systems: routers, switches, network management, optical networking.
  • Collaboration products: WebEx online meeting software, TelePresence audio/video conferencing, universal gateways and access servers.
  • Security products: physical security and building systems, virtual private networks, firewalls, security management.
  • Data center offerings: application networking services, storage networking, data center and blade switches.
  • Mobility/wireless products: access points, outdoor wireless, service exchange, wireless local-area network controllers.

Cisco's Market Position and Achievements:

Cisco was positioned a leader in Gartner Inc.'s March 2009 Magic Quadrant for Network Access control, and was named a Challenger the April 2009 Magic Quadrant for Network Intrusion Prevention System Appliances.

The Service & Support Professionals Association has given Cisco a number of awards for best practices, including the 2009 Best Online Community and Best Online Support awards. The Localization Industry Standards Association of Support Professionals recognized a number of Cisco local-language support websites with the 2008/2009 Best International Web Support Sites award.

Job Opportunities at Cisco:

Cisco is typically on the lookout for individuals with a background in the software, hardware and systems engineering fields. Depending on the position, the desired skills and experience may include security, routing and switching, network platform design, technical consulting, digital high-speed design, logic simulation, or hardware testing and certification. The ability to travel is also sometimes listed as a requirement.

You can search for job openings on Cisco's Career Opportunities page.

Tips for Applying for Positions at Cisco:

For some technical positions that require interaction with customers, Cisco wants to see knowledge of competitive products and some pre-sales support experience, so if you have that, make sure you emphasize it in your cover letter/resume when you apply. Oral and written communication and teamwork skills are also often listed as requirements, especially in technical management positions, so you should mention those in your application as well.

To apply for a position listed on Cisco's website, click on "Apply" at the bottom of the job posting.

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