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Shared Technologies Company Profile


Shared Technologies – Overview:

Shared Technologies is a national technology solutions provider that specializes in voice, data and converged technologies. Shared Technologies’ corporate office is located in Coppell, TX. They have offices throughout the United States, and employ approximately 1500 people. In addition to being named to Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work, the company has also been listed among the best employers in Texas, New York, Connecticut and Philadelphia.

Shared Technologies Company History:

Shared Technologies was founded in 1974, as a regional communications hardware provider and service organization. They have since grown to be the largest independent supplier of Nortel products. In January, 2007 the company purchased Communication Management Services (CMS), a full service provider of outsourced IT services (mostly network monitoring and management services). Shared Technologies remains a privately held corporation.

Company Culture at Shared Technologies:

As a company, Shared Technologies works under the philosophy that growth and profitability are built around employee commitment, which is a product of empowering employees and encouraging close partnerships within the teams. They are very customer oriented and work as a team is focused on finding the best solutions possible for their customers. Since much of their industry is differentiated by customer commitment and developing custom solutions for their customers, it’s an important area for Shared Technologies to excel in.

Compensation Information for Shared Technologies:

As with many of the industry leading best places to work, Shared Technologies is known for paying their employees well. There is a competitive base salary along with bonuses, medical and wellness benefits, and paid time off (vacation, sick and holiday pay). In addition to “the usual” benefits, Shared Technologies offers adoption assistance and long term care, which can be used for the employee, spouse or any other immediate family member (very beneficial for those helping care for an aging parent).

Typical Openings at Shared Technologies:

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