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Qualifications Letters
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About Qualifications Letters

If you've ever had the feeling that employers are not thoroughly reading your resume, you're probably right. Employers are deluged by resumes everyday, especially in a tight job market. Consequently, they must quickly scan them in about 20-30 seconds. Regardless of your qualifications for the job, if your resume doesn't catch an employer's eye within these first critical seconds, it's likely to make it only as far as the paper shredder.

To avoid the shredder, consider standing out from the crowd by sending tailored qualifications letters instead. Qualifications letters get straight to the bottom line by highlighting your qualifications and matching them to employers' job requirements. They're intentionally brief and concise to catch an employer's scanning eye within those first critical seconds.

Because they're brief and concise, qualifications letters are easy to write. Better yet, according to reputable sources around the Web, they work! Qualifications letters are called Q letters for short.

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