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Writing a Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae writing tips, plus links to curriculum vitae samples, formats, templates and examples. Curriculum vita is singular, curricula vitae is plural, and CV and CVs are the common abbreviations, respectively.
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Letter Writing Desk
From your About.com Guide, help writing resume cover letters, thank you letters, letters of resignation, letters of reference, and other employment-related correspondence.
Resume Topic Guide
From your About.com Guide, link to all the resume writing resources here at Job Searching - Technical, neatly organized in one place.
Curriculum Vitae Format and Samples
This resume section of a student career manual includes a "Curriculum Vitae Format and Content Description" section along with CV samples. From the University of California, Davis.
Curriculum Vitae Samples and Format Examples
Several curriculum vitae samples seeking jobs in the U.S., that also serve as CV format examples. Includes writing tips, such as a list of elements that a curriculum vitae could include. Only one part of the comprehensive Resume and Letter Center at TechnicalJobSearch.com.
CV Tool
Multimedia presentation steps you through comparing curriculum vitae examples with their resume counterparts. Along the way, it offers tips for converting an American resume to a curriculum vitae, suitable for jobs abroad. From CareerJournal.
European job database for college graduates includes region-specific tips about how to create a curriculum vitae (CV) and prepare for job interviews.
Guide to Curriculum Vitae
Comprehensive coverage of CVs and cover letters plus samples of both, from Colorado College.
Is a CV Right for Me?
A brief definition of a curriculum vitae, plus book recommendations and links to samples. From JobStar, a service of the California public library system.
Resume to Curriculum Vitae Samples
Student "Career Development Workbook" in PDF format includes a couple of sample resumes converted to sample curricula vitae. From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Sample Curriculum Vitae
A sample curriculum vitae for the USA, courtesy of Gradview.com.
Tips for Preparing A Curriculum Vitae
As promotion for its fee-based services, this resume writing service answers common questions about a curriculum vitae, such as how it differs from a resume.
Writing Your Curriculum Vitae
Heading layout and content tips, along with a sample curriculum vitae for acedemic jobs. Courtesy of California University, San Diego.
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