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Learn how to prepare for and further your tech career through pre-college and college education, graduate school and professional training and certification.

CompTIA Strata – Green IT Certificate
Details on the CompTIA Strata Green IT Certificate. Topics this green tech computer certification covers, including waste disposal, power preservation, carbon footprint reduction and virtualization of IT systems. Information about this CompTIA exam, and tips on prepare for the training course and the test. What it costs to take the CompTIA Strata Green IT exam and earn the certificate.

GIAC Certified Penetration Tester – GPEN Certification
Interested in becoming a certified ethical hacker or certified penetration tester? Here's an overview of GIAC's Certified Penetration Tester designation, or GPEN. Find out what areas GPEN covers, what the requirements are to take the GPEN exam, GPEN's target audience, what the GPEN exam is like, how much the GPEN certification will cost, and how often you can renew the GPEN certification.

Boost Your Career With Cross-Training in the Workplace
A definition of cross-training in the workplace, as well as a description of the benefits of cross-training to both the employee and the company, and a list of reasons some employees might be reluctant to cross-train others or be cross-trained.

Top 9 Resources For Keeping Your Tech Skills Current
Information on training resources that can help you learn new skills or refine the ones you already have.

Before You Apply to Grad School
Thinking of ways to kick-start your career, get into a new area of IT or differentiate yourself when competing for jobs? A graduate degree might be just what you need. But make sure you think through your goals before you enroll; in some cases, grad school could prevent you from getting your ideal job.

Deciding on an Advanced Degree
How to decide whether you should pursue an advanced degree, or graduate school. Steps to take when deciding which grad school you should attend and what kind of graduate degree you should work toward. How to work out the finances associated with getting an advanced degree.

Apple Certified System Administrator
Information on the Apple Certified System Administrator or ACSA designation: who should get it, what exams you need to pass in order to obtain the certification, how much it costs, and renewals.

GIAC Information Security Fundamentals Certification
An article about the Information Security Fundamentals certification or GISF from GIAC or Global Information Assurance Certification. Learn more about who should take the certification, how to prepare for it, what the exam is like, and how much it costs.

Information Security Certifications
Learn more about some of the more popular certifications that focus on information security, including network security auditing, penetration testing and digital forensics investigation.

Going Back to School: A Guide for Tech Workers
If you're a tech worker considering going back to school, you're not alone. A recent US Census Bureau report shows...

Free Online Tech Courses
More and more colleges are offering free courses online from some of the best authorities in the world. Subjects range from beginner courses in computer programming to advanced engineering and electronic. While these courses are available to anyone for free, finding them isn't always easy. This guide highlights some of the best resources...

Apple Application Associate Certifications
Apple has five certification levels for its application software. Associate certifications are for entry-level users of iWorks and Final Cut Pro. There is a modest fee for the exam and most people can learn what is needed to pass the exam using the free resources provided by Apple and by using the software.

Grad School Enrollment Declines
While first-time enrollment for graduate school programs in the U.S. declined again in 2011, enrollment has increased -- although very little -- for some fields like computer science and engineering.

Think big data jobs are only with the big firms? Think again
Big data is not just the concern of big corporations. It seems that almost every industry--including farming--is using the technology.

Free online courses that can improve your IT career

Advice for IT pros in or entering the software development field
Software development continues to be one of the hottest fields in IT. Here are some tips for being the best at it.

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