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Resources for Getting Started and Progressing Within Technology Careers

By Toni Bowers, About.com Guide to Tech Careers

Education for Tech careers includes resources for getting started with a technology career. Education resources includes new grad and entry level learning resources for technology professionals. Also includes degree information and certification paths for technology careers. We have also included information about definitions and technical terms that are relevant to the technology industry. Finally, this section includes information about employment laws and compensation laws that are of particular interest in the tech industry.

  1. Education and Certificates
  2. New Grad and Entry Level Resources
  3. Definitions - Technical Terms and Acronyms
  4. Employment and Compensation Laws

Education and Certificates

Information and resources for degree programs and certifications relevant to technical careers. College options and considerations for bachelors and masters degree programs, as well as information about specific universities. Resources for obtaining popular technology certifications for entry level and experienced level technical professionals. Certification test preparation resources. Includes information about computer based learning programs.

New Grad and Entry Level Resources

Resources specific to entry level and new grad candidates. How to write your first resume. Sample new grad resumes are included for ideas. How to write a cover letter for the first time, including sample cover letters that are specific to the technology industry. What to expect in a technical interview, with tips for answering interview questions. Samples of behavior based interview questions.

Definitions - Technical Terms and Acronyms

Definitions of popular technical terms and acronyms. Listing of different technical skills as well as resources for learning the skills. Industry resources and publications to stay current on technical topics and terms.

Employment and Compensation Laws

Information about employment and compensation laws, particularly those that are of most interest in the technology industry. Stock option rules and

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