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Interviews - How to Prepare for Interviews



Close - Any concerns about ability to do job? Next step? These are the two MOST important questions in each interview you have. You should ask them of each individual interviewer.

  • Do you have any concerns about my ability to do this job? - This is your last chance to make sure you didn't leave out anything in your background or incorrectly communicate anything during the interview. Once you leave the interview, it's almost impossible to change someone's incorrect impression. Be direct and try to get a sincere response from the individual.
  • I'm very excited about this opportunity. What's our next step? - This might very well be the deciding factor in getting an offer. Even if you have reservations, express to each interviewer that you are definitely interested in the position and want to know what you need to do next to keep the process moving. And make sure that you actually SAY it in words at the end of the interview. Don't assume that they should have noticed your enthusiasm and interest level from the rest of your comments during the interviewing process. Trust me. They didn't. On numerous occasions I have seen a less qualified candidate get the job over a more qualified candidate based almost entirely on their perceived interest level in the position.

Follow up

Always follow up with a company after you interview within 24 hours. In this electronic age, it is appropriate to send an email to each person who interviewed you if you have their email address. If you do not have everyone's email address, you can ask for their email addresses from someone whose email you do have. If you really want to impress someone, send a written thank you card. It is rare that people send written thank you cards today, and it will make you stand out as someone who took the extra time to do it. Thank the interviewer for his or her time, re-iterate your interest in the opportunity, and mention one area from your notes that answers the interviewers hot button area (you did ask them what the biggest challenges of this position are during the interview, right?).

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