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Resume Tip: How to Name Your Resume for Maximum Views


Did you know that what you name your resume when you save it online can have a huge impact on how often your resume is viewed? If you are not happy with the responses your online resume is getting, you may want to re-think what you saved the resume as when you uploaded it.

Take me for example. As a recruiter, I am spending hours every day reading resumes and making phone calls. Let's say I am searching for a .NET Developer, for example. If I start my search at an online job board, I may search for .NET Engineer, Programmer, or Developer. I am then presented with a long list of resumes to look through. I have noticed a few things about this process that I thought I should share with job searchers:

  • I am more likely to click on a resume titled ".NET Web Developer" than I am to view "Joe Smith's Resume".
  • I am more likely to want to spend time reading a resume that is labeled without typos. In other words ".NET Devlopre" is not so impressive to me.
  • If I click on ".NET Developer" I am expecting to see a resume for someone with .NET experience. If there is no .NET experience, I am not likely to call. Instead, I will be annoyed. This seems obvious, but needs to be pointed out anyway.
  • If you have strengths in several areas, you may want to consider multiple versions of your resume. One could be very specific to your .NET experience (and could be labeled .NET Developer, for example) and another version could highlight, say, your java experience (and could be labeled "java developer")

Keep these tips in mind the next time you load your resume to an online job board. You may be surprised by the increased response you get.

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