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Customized Resume Objective Gets Better Results


Writing Your Resume Objective

It's the first thing on a resume after your contact information. Your resume objective may determine a hiring manager's interest in the rest of your resume.

I have seen otherwise perfectly qualified candidates get turned away because, according to their resume objective, they "want to do something else."

When applying for a specific position with a company, make sure your resume objective matches up with the position you are applying for.

When you are putting together a more general resume, either for posting online or for distribution at a career fair, keep the resume objective more general.

Examples of specific resume objectives:

  • A position as a Senior Java Software Engineer developing n-tier applications.
  • Entry level Electrical Engineer position at XYZ Company.
  • SQL Database Developer in the Financial Services Industry.

Examples of more general objectives:

  • A position that will utilize my years of experience in application development.
  • A position in the Electrical Engineering field.
  • A position in Database Development or Administration.

By customizing your objective, the hiring manager (or decision maker) sees instantly that you are a potential fit for the position and that you care enough about first impressions to go that extra step.

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