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Technology Industry information. Technology Industry resources, history, and trends. Global issues affecting the technology industry.
NLRB - National Labor Relations Board
Information about the NLRB or national labor relations board. Links to information about the NLRB and the information they provide. NLRB provides advice relating to union work environments.
Employment Law Information From Cornell Law
Cornell Law has wondeful information about the interpretation of various employment laws. Cornell Law also maintains links to state labor law resources. Find lots of employment law advice from Cornell Law.
Information About the EEOC
Information about the EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Learn more about the EEOC and what the EEOC does. Links to the EEOC website.
Links to State Labor Laws
Information from the DOL regarding state wage and hour laws. A comprehensive list of links to state labor laws. These state labor law links are maintained by the US DOL. Learn more here about various state labor laws.
DOL - Department of Labor Information
About the DOL or department of labor. The DOL is in charge of administering federal wage and hour laws. Learn more about the DOL. Information on how to contact the DOL.
Definition of Cryptography - Learn More About Cryptography
A defintion of cryptography. Find out more information about cryptography. Links to information to learn more about cryptography. How cryptography is used in modern information technology applications.
All About the History of Information Technology
The history of information technology is fascinating! Here are some of my favorite links to information about the history of information technology.
What is Cloud Computing?
Learn more about cloud computing. What is cloud computing? Get information about the history of cloud computing, as well as the benefits of the cloud computing model. Learn more about the companies that are involved in cloud computing.
The Leading Information Security Associations
Information Security is one of the biggest topics within information technology. Its an area that can make or break a company, and it is one of the few specialty areas within information technology where companies will continue to invest money, even in an economic downturn. The professional organizations below are focused in the information security industry. These organizations offer excellent w…
Learn About ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library
Learn about ITIL, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Get information about what ITIL is and how its used in IT departments. Find out the benefits of ITIL. Links to information about ITIL certifications.
Computer Networking - All About Computer Networking
Learn more about Computer Networking. Links to training information about computer networking. Profiles of jobs that are related to computer networking. Companies that hire computer networking professionals.
WAN Information - Wide Area Networks
Defintion of WAN or Wide Area Network. Learn more about WANs, including where to find WAN training. Includes links to WAN resources and information related to WAN management.
LAN Information - Local Area Networks
Defintion of LAN or Local Area Network. Learn more about LANs, including where to find LAN training. Includes links to LAN resources and information related to LAN management.
All About IT Governance
Information about IT Governance. A definition of IT Governance, with links to information about IT Governance certifications. Why IT Governance is important to an organization. How to learn more about IT Governance.
(ISC)2 - International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium
Information about the (ISC)2 information and certifications. The (ISC)2 is the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. Learn what the (ISC)2 does and the certifications they offer. The (ISC)2 is a highly regarded certification entity, learn more about the (ISC)2 programs.
ISACA - Professional Oragnization ISACA
Information about the ISACA professional organization. Previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, the ISACA offers IT control and governance standards worldwide. Information about ISACA certifications, conference and publications. Learn more about ISACA member offerings.
Information Security - All about Information Security in IT
All about information security. What is information security. Learn about careers in information security.Information about certifications for information security professionals.
Information Technology Audit
What is an information technology audit? What an information technology audit is comprised of. Why information technology audits are important. Learn about careers in information technology audit.
Database - Definition and Information
Database definition and how databases are used in information technology. How data is stored in a database for use by information technology professionals. How businesses use data in a database for decision making.
Information About the ITAA
Information about the ITAA or Information Technology Association of America. Leran about the ITAA and what they do. How the ITAA influences the information technology industry. Professional membership and certifications offered by the ITAA.
Data - Definition of Data - How Data is Used by Information Technology
Data definition and information. How the term data is used in the Information Technology industry. Information about how data is used in technology. Data definition for use by Information Technology professionals to help drive business decisions.
Larry Ellison - Executive Bio for Oracle Founder Lawrence Ellison
Biography of Larry Ellison. Information about Oracle founder Larry Ellison. History and background of Larry Ellison and his founding of Oracle. Includes personal information about Larry Ellison.
Converged Technologies Information
Converged technologies definition and description. What converged technologies mean in the technical community. Links to information about jobs in converged technologies.
Best Sites for Employment Law Advice
Best places online to find employment law advice. Research employment laws and get answers to many of your employment law questions at these websites.
List and Reviews of Technology Publications
Top 10 technology publications. A guide to some of the better magazine, publications, trade journals and newsletters within the technology industry. Stay current in technology, learn about trends in the tech industry, network with others, and find job openings.
Information About Restricted Stock Units
Definition of Restricted Stock Units. How companies use Restricted Stock Units as compensation. Information about restricted stock units. Examples of types of restrictions on restricted stock units.
Employee Stock Options - Definition and Information
Information about employee stock options. What employee stock options are. Information about some of the popular uses of employee stock options. Definition of employee stock options.
Salary Wizard Payscale.com
Industry leading salary wizard payscale.com. Find salary information from salary wizard payscale.com. Enter your information in to the salary wizard to see what you should be earning. The payscale salary wizard will compare job titles, pay scales and much more.
Detailed Salary Information from Salary.com
Salary.com includes comprehensive salary information. Customize your salary information report with different variables from salary.com. Geographical differences in salary information is also available. View the effects of degrees on salary information for your field.
Find Average Salary Information
Find average salary information at glassdoor.com. Check out the average salary for many tech roles and all companies. In addition to average salary information, the site features company ratings. All average salary information is collected from actual workers.
Steve Jobs Biography Information
Bio information for Steve Jobs. Information about Apple Founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Learn more about the visionary Steve Jobs. Information about Steve Jobs involvement in Apple and Pixar.
Bio for Microsoft Founder Bill Gates
Information about the founder and chairman of Microsoft, William (Bill) Gates. Bio for Bill Gates. Information about Bill and Melinda Gates of the Gates Foundation.
Bio For Intuit Founder Scott Cook
Information about Scott Cook. Bio for Intuit founder Scott Cook. Learn more about Scott Cook, founder and Cair of Intuit Corporation.
Bio - Jeremy McCarthy
Information about Jeremy McCarthy from VentureLoop. VentureLoop founder bio information.
Certification Magazine - Technical Certifications Resource
Certification magazine review and information about the technical certification magazine publication online. Certification magazine covers information about technical certifications. Certification Magazine also includes technical education information and technical career information and trends. Link to Certification magazine online.
Linux Magazine - Resource for Linux Information
Linux magazine review and information about the Linux magazine publication online. Linux magazine covers news appropriate to anyone working with the Linux platform. Linux industry updates and reviews. Link to Linux magazine online.
About CIO Magazine for Information Technology
CIO magazine review and information about the CIO publication online. CIO magazine covers news appropriate to technology executives. CIO includes industry updates and thought leaders from the information technology industry. Link to CIO magazine online.
Network Computing - Publication for Networking Professionals
Network Computing review and information about the Network Computing publication. Network Computing covers news about Applications Infrastructure , Messaging, Network Infrastructure and Management. Network Computing also covers Security, Storage, Wireless and Enterprise Applications. Stay current in several industries with Network Computing.
Business Intelligence Publication - Intelligent Enterprise
Intelligent Enterprise review and information about the business intelligence industry. Business Intelligence or BI industry news, and how it affects the enterprise. Links to publication site and similar publications about the business intelligence industry. Content information about business intelligence or BI trends and technologies.
Enterprise Networks and Servers - Networking Industry News
Enterprise Networks and Servers review and information about the networking industry. Networking industry news, enterprise networks and servers target audience and features. Links to publication site and similar publications about the networking industry. Content information about the networking industry.
RedMondMag - Stay Current With Microsoft Technologies
Review and information about RedmondMag.com for Microsoft technologies. RedmondMag target audience and features for Microsoft technologies. Links to RedmondMag sites and similar publications about Microsoft Technologies. Content information about RedmondMag, formerly DotNetMagazine, working with Microsoft based technologies.
ExtremeTech Review and Information
Review and information about ExtremeTech. ExtremeTech target audience and features. Links to ExtremeTech sites and similar publications. Content information about ExtremeTech.
ExtremeTech Review and Information
Review and information about ExtremeTech. ExtremeTech target audience and features. Links to ExtremeTech sites and similar publications. Content information about ExtremeTech.
Stay Current With ComputerWorld
Review and information about ComputerWorld. ComputerWorld target audience and features. Links to ComputerWorld sites and similar publications. Content information about ComputerWorld.
How to Pick a Start Up
Evaluating start up companies. How to choose a start up company to join. How to get a job with a start up. Questions to ask start ups. How to research a start up company.
Living and Working in Australia
Australia job search information. Finding IT and programming jobs in Australia. Information about living and working in Australia. How to find a technical job in Australia.
Computer Terms
A computer terms dictionary of acronyms and terms. Alphabetical computer terms listing of terms commonly used in the industry. Dictionary-like list of computer terms.
Computer Glossary
A computer glossary of popular terms and acronyms. The computer glossary on this article covers letters P through Z. A computer glossary of technical terms that are widely used as of 2007.
The H-1B Visa
Definition of and issues with H1B or H1-B visas. H1-B Visa Information for jobs in technology. How to start the H1B application, H1B quota, H1 transfer issues, H1B visas quota. Includes INS or Immigration and Naturalization Services issues.
Impact of the Aging Workforce on the Technology Industry
The aging workforce - how the baby boomer workforce in America affects the technology industry and the available jobs. Discussion of how the aging baby boomers are approaching retirement and what that will mean for the technology industry. Information about how the aging work force is changing the way we work.
History of Technology - The Dot Bomb
History of technology and the dot bomb era. What the dot bomb era is and what we learned from it. Possible causes of the dot bomb era of the history of technology.
Green Card Information
Informative site about the applying for an obtaining the Permanent Residence Card, usually referred to as a Green Card. Lots of information here about issues that may arise after obtaining the Green Card.
Best Jobs - Salary and Job Market Information from Money Magazine
Money magazine ranks the best jobs for 2007. Number 1 on the list is Software Engineer. Number 7 on the list is Computer Analyst. Rankings, descriptions and salary ranges are included.
America's techiest cities: Silicon Valley No. 1, but who's No. 2?
Rankings of America's most technical cities, from ComputerWorld.
Compensation Trends
Excellent information about compensation trends, including financial compensation as well as non-financial compensation, or "perks".
Offshoring IT Projects
A controversial trend in IT Services is the moving of jobs to countries where labor is less expensive. This has been termed "Offshoring" and is a hotly debated issue in technology careers.
CNET News.com -- Technology news and business reports
CNET News.com is one of the most popular sites on the web for the latest and greatest happenings in the technology industry. Includes business news, new product reviews, how to's and price comparisons.
Funding for Technology - America Competes Act
Information about the America Competes Act, important funding by the US government to keep our technology and science industries competitive.
Network Industry Resources
News and resources for the Networking industry. Product news and reviews, networking standards, up and coming networking technologies, technology industry news.
Calendar of Technology Conferences and Events
Calendar of all technology events and trade shows. Requires a free registration. Sign up for e-mail alerts to receive updated information in your e-mail box.
Tech Industry News and Launches
Technology Industry news, launches, job search and training information for techies. Includes hubs of information specific to Mac industry, chip industry, gaming industry and PDAs (or mobile computing).
Development Resources and News
News and resources for Development professionals. Includes trends, industry news, resources, networking and downloads for Developers.
Information Technology - Top 10 Bugs
ZDNet's Top 10 IT Disasters of all time.
History of Technology - The Dot Com Bubble
Definition of and information about the dot com bubble, the period of time from 1997 - 2001 when technology companies were overvalued due to stock market speculation.
History of Technology - The World Wide Web
History Outline of the World Wide Web. Where and how it all began, and when use became mainstream. Includes links to other historical information.
History of Technology - Computer Languages
Alphabetical listing of computer languages along with a timeline of programming language development. Links to more information on programming languages.
History of Technology - Technology Inventors Successes
Information about the innovators of the early technology revolution, including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and others.
Electrical Engineer Occupational Outlook Report
An occupational outlook report for Electrical Engineers. Includes a summary of duties, earnings forecasts and more.
Electronics Timeline - Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twenti
From GreatAchievements.org - a time line of electronics inventions.
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