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Preparing for New-Hire Orientation Day

Why do I Need to Prepare for New-Hire Orientation Day?

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If you're a college grad starting your first corporate job or it's been awhile since you changed jobs, you may not know or remember that your first day of work will likely be filled with orientation activities right off the bat, including loads of paperwork.

Some employers wisely send out a new-hire kit in advance, so that new employees have time to research and complete all the paperwork before their first day on the job. Unfortunately, other employers don't. In the latter case, you might have to fill out some of the paperwork on the spot.

Some of the forms you'll be required to fill out are no-brainers. As long as you remember your name, rank and serial number, there's not much you have to do to prepare. But other forms, such as the W-4 in the US, do take some thought and preparation.

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