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Interview Questions to Ask

Ever draw a blank when interviewers ask, "Any questions?" Interviewers expect you to have questions. Here are sample interview questions to ask, to help you prepare in advance.
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Questions to Ask in Informational Interviews
Example informational interview questions to ask. Includes informational interview tips, and links to thank you letter samples and thank you note samples for following up after informational interviews.
Questions to Ask in Job Interviews
Sample interview questions to ask that you may download (or copy and paste) for free.
200 Questions Job Candidates Might Ask
A view from the other side of the fence, to help employers and recruiters prepare for your questions. On your side of the fence, it's a view of the types of questions they will be expecting you to ask, and will help you to probe the inner workings of a company, the mind of the hiring manager, etc.
But Enough About Me
Become the interviewer with questions about the company, job opportunity and interviewer. Lots of other tips too, from Tech-Engine.
Interview Questions to Ask
A long list of samples from Fox Valley Technical College.
Interview Questions to Ask Employers
Some ideas from Boston College. Includes much more about interviews, too.
Job Candidate Interview Questions
Sample questions job candidates might ask HR, hiring managers and recruiters, but good for candidates to study too for ideas. Also includes sample questions to ask interviewers. From CollegeGrad.com.
Questions to Ask the Interviewer
Monster.com offers basic interview questions to ask. Check the Interview Center for more help, including a virtual interview.
Questions to Ask the Interviewer
From a European point of view, by Bradley CVs, a fee-based CV writing service in the UK.
Questions to Ask the Interviewer
ABA staffing focuses on company performance and puts you in the interviewer's seat.
Questions You May Want to Ask the Interviewer
More sample questions that place you in the interviewer's seat. Career Consulting Corner gives away this free advice to promote its career products.
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