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Technical Instructor


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Technical Instructor from Teacher, Technical Worker or Military Veteran

Technical Instructor from Teacher

If you have teaching experience in a technical curriculum at a public or private school and want to become a technical instructor, then you've likely got a good shot at it. That's especially true if you teach practical, hands-on exercises. Most corporate technical training departments focus on same as much as theory, if not more.

If you have non-technical teaching experience, you'll likely have a better shot if you first get technical training. As previously indicated, technical experience is generally more important than teaching experience for corporate technical instruction. However, with a technical credential in addition to that for teaching, corporate training departments might be willing to take a chance on you.

That's especially true of technical training departments that incorporate (or want to incorporate) proven methodologies and adult-learning principles. Such "sophistication" might be alien in training departments that evolved exclusively from technical workers turned instructors.

So, teachers who bring the skills with them might be hired as technical instructors, even when their technical skills are limited or newly learned. Then, hiring training departments will bring them "up to speed" through instruction, lab exercises, teaming them with experienced technicians in the field, etc.

For example, if you like to fiddle with computers, you're good at it and think you'd like to instruct some aspect of them in the corporate environment, consider tacking on a reputable computer certification to your teaching certificate. Earning certification might be a faster path to technical instruction than earning yet another degree, such as in computer science. Employers like degrees, but they often will accept certifications instead.

There are several reputable computer certifications that would be appropriate, depending on what aspect of computers you'd like to instruct and the job-requirement demands of employers. Some, such as two by Microsoft and one by Novell, are specifically targeted to becoming a certified, technical instructor of computer stuff.

Of course, there's more to technical instruction than just teaching computer stuff. Many types of companies other than computer makers and sellers, such as semiconductor, telecom and engineering companies, hire technical instructors too.

So, figuring out what you'd like to "technically instruct" is an important first step. (For example, if you're a biology teacher, you might go for instructing some aspect of biotech.) An important second step would be to earn a related technical certification or complete some other type of related, formal, technical training, such as through a trade school.

Incidentally, the CTT+ certification by CompTIA is targeted to becoming a certified, corporate instructor of just about anything, but at accepted industry standards. It also builds a solid foundation for higher-level, technical-instruction certifications, such as those by Microsoft and Novell.

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