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Using Craigslist to Find a New Job


Using Craigslist to Find a New Job:

Craigslist is a community site, with everything from personals to housing to job postings - and much more! Craigslist is free for employers in many areas to post job openings. eBay purchased a stake in the site a few years ago. Its a very technology focused site to find jobs online.

  • Arranged first by geography and then by specialty, larger cities have more job openings than smaller cities. It's worth checking any cities that you may be interested in.
  • There is also a resume posting section - Craigslist gets visited often by search engines, so use relevant keywords in your resume title.
  • If you decide to post your resume on Craigslist, and you want it to remain confidential, use the anonymous email response and take your name and address off your resume before posting.

Keep in mind that just because your resume is online, does not mean you should get sloppy. You still need a professional resume and cover letter to entice the employer to contact you.
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