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Free, work-related legal advice and labor and employment law research, at Websites specializing in popular legal matters, legal aid, and attorney referrals.
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American Bar Association
No free legal advice (unless you're accused of a crime and qualify financially), but this is one of the primo attorney referral services. It does include free advice for using referral and Web bidding services, plus links to same.
Attorney Referral Service
Post (submit) your "case" confidentially and for free. Appropriate attorneys in your state will then review your case and respond. Courtesy of EmployeeIssues.com, an employment and labor law information site that helps both employers and employees better understand employee rights in the U.S.
Business 2.0 Magazine
A collection of articles and links about common employment law topics, such as age discrimination, disability, non-compete agreements, sexual harassment, termination, unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, and more. Some subcategories include links to attorney referral and free legal advice resources.
Drug Testing - Workplace Resource Center
Guidelines for developing a drug-free workplace, and information about drug testing, Federal programs, substance abuse and more. Published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for both employers and employees.
Employment Law Information Network
Mostly links to articles and other resources, located elsewhere on the Internet.
FindLaw for the Public
Labor law topics, questions and answers, articles, attorney search, plus a community forum where you may seek answers to legal questions from qualified professionals.
Free Advice
Quickie explanations about employment matters and related U.S. laws, to help you decide if you need a lawyer or not. They conveniently provide an attorney-referral search box just under each explanation.
The 'Lectric Law Library
Hodgepodge lists of labor and employment law topics for the layperson.
National Rules for the Resolution of Employment Disputes
Find out from the non-profit American Arbitration Association how to avoid the judicial system, yet still seek a binding resolution for your case.
Nolo - Employment Law
Provides free research resources for Federal and state laws and court cases. Includes labor and employment, small business, immigration, and variety of other topics.
Find a lawyer, copy legal forms for free and browse a variety of legal topics, including some for employment.
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