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Labor Laws and Employment Laws

Research US federal and state labor laws and employment laws, and worker, workplace and employee rights. Labor laws typically deal with employer-union relationships. Employment laws typically deal with employer-employee relationships. But the terms are often used interchangeably. Both employment law and labor law topics are included in the links below.
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Internet Business Opportunity - Avoiding Scams
Internet Business Opportunity - How to avoid the scams. Includes links to the 'Top Ten Dot Cons' and other internet business opportunity rip-offs to avoid.
Am I Entitled to Severance Pay?
If you are laid off, fired or forced to quit, are you entitled to severance pay by state or Federal law?
Am I Entitled to Sick Leave Pay?
Find out if you're entitled to collect employer-provided sick leave pay and accrued sick leave pay under U.S. state or Federal law.
Am I Entitled to Vacation Pay?
Find out if you're entitled to collect employer-provided vacation pay and accrued vacation pay under state or Federal law.
Background Check
If you leave your job under less than desirable circumstances, should you be concerned that your ex-employer will reveal it during background checks?
Background Check - Credit Report
Is it legal for U.S. employers to check your credit report as part of your employment background check?
COBRA Insurance FAQs
Answers to frequently-asked questions about COBRA continuation of health insurance coverage.
Constructive Discharge
Constructive discharge means that, even if you quit, you might have effectively suffered wrongful termination if you quit because of intolerable working conditions. Learn more about constructive discharge and what you can do about it.
Consulting Legal Help
Best-selling books that help you get started in computer consulting, and other types of consulting, contracting and freelancing businesses. They cover the gamut, including start-up costs, self-employment taxes, marketing your services, customizing and negotiating contracts (agreements), and legal considerations. Sample agreements included.
Defamation in the Workplace
If an employer intentionally defames you and it hurts your career, you might be entitled to collect monetary compensation through a defamation lawsuit.
Drug Testing in the Workplace
A comprehensive article featuring answers to frequently-asked questions such as, "How do they do a drug test? Do I have to take it? What if I fail? Can I beat it?" Includes drug testing cutoff levels and detection times.
Employee Rights
About your employee rights under U.S. state and Federal employment and labor laws.
Employee Rights in Plain English
EmployeeIssues.com helps employers and employees better understand employee rights in the U.S. Among others, topics include wrongful termination, overtime, minimum wage, sexual harassment, discrimination and whistleblower protection. Affiliated with a free lawyer referral service, where you may post your "case" confidentially and lawyers will respond.
Employment at Will or Employment at Whim?
As are many employees only after the fact, you might be surprised to learn in advance that U.S. employers may legally fire you for just about any reason, no reason, or even an unfair reason.
Employment Discrimination
A simple explanation of employment discrimination in the U.S., to help you determine whether or not an employer has illegally discriminated against you. Includes tips for gaining relief and links to employment discrimination laws.
Employment Protection for Reservists
If you're a U.S. military reservist who has or will be called to active duty, you and your family are protected under The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA).
Employment Separation Agreements
It's a good idea to think ahead before accepting your employer's "bribe" to sign an employment separation agreement, a binding contract that limits your legal rights. (Also called Termination Agreement and Separation and Release Agreement.) Includes sample employment separation agreements and severance negotiating tips.
Final Pay and Paychecks
Find out when your final pay is due and what it includes in the U.S., after you quit or your employer fires you or lays you off. A link to final pay law summaries by state is included.
Giving Two Weeks Notice of Resignation
Must you give two weeks notice in advance of resigning? The answer depends on whether or not you agreed to do so by contract. Includes a link to resignation letter samples you may download.
Get a Free Credit Report by Law
Inaccurate credit reports can lose jobs and promotions. Here's how to get an annual free credit report by US law, so you may check and fix accuracy. No strings.
Government Job Scams
Don't be a victim! These are among the classic, fee-based job scams. Here are tips for avoiding them, plus links to legit government jobs with U.S. Federal, state and city agencies.
Independent Contractor Rights
Are you classified as an independent contractor (IC) but treated as an ordinary employee? Not allowed to be your own boss as you'd like to be? Here's how it's supposed to work when you're an IC and what you can do about it if your clients exploit you as an employee.
Illegal Interview Questions
What they are and tips for handling them, along with sample illegal questions and reasons employers may ask for the same information in other ways.
Interviewing while Pregnant
It is illegal for U.S. employers to ask if you're pregnant. Here are tips for maneuvering through job interviews while you're in the family way, and maternity benefits to research and negotiate.
Internet Business Opportunity - Dot-Com or Dot-Con?
Looking to start a home-based Internet business? Get tips on how Internet business opportunity scams operate, so you can avoid them. Includes links to the "Top Ten Dot Cons" and other scam warnings, according to consumer watchdog agencies.
Job Fraud: Tip-Offs to Rip-Offs
Don't become a victim of job scams. Here are three types of job fraud to avoid.
Labor Laws - Employment Laws
You might be surprised to learn that there are virtually no U.S. employment or labor laws that specifically mandate how your employer must treat you. But there are some broad employment and labor laws that generally define and protect your rights as a worker.
Legit Work at Home Jobs
Tired of losing your money to the work-at-home job and business-opportunity scams? Discover legit ways to land real telecommuting and work-at-home jobs or start up a profitable home-based business, from honest, experienced book authors who know what they're talking about. Computer work-at-home jobs and home-based Internet business opportunities are included.
Letter of Resignation
Employers keep your resignation letter on file, in case there are legal problems down the road. Keep it simple and never commit in writing what you may later regret. A very popular article. Includes sample letters you may download or copy and paste right from your screen.
Minimum Wage
How much the current minimum wage is, who is entitled to receive it, and which law enforces it at the Federal and state level. Links for conducting further research into minimum wage law are included.
New Overtime Law
Summarizes changes to the U.S. Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that comprise the new overtime law. The new overtime law went into effect in late August, 2004.
Non-Compete Agreement
What is a non-compete agreement? Is it legal? Can I break mine? Sample non-compete agreements are included.
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Find out what might happen if you refuse to sign a non-disclosure agreement or violate its terms of confidentiality. Sample non-disclosure agreement forms included.
Overseas Job Scams
Working abroad for high pay, attractive benefits and extraordinary perks sounds exotic, doesn't it? But don't be fooled. These exaggerated claims rip off thousands of victims annually. Here are tips for avoiding scams and where to find the real overseas jobs.
Overtime FAQs
U.S. overtime lawsuits are on the rise. Find out if you are entitled to overtime pay, whether or not you must work forced, mandatory overtime hours, and much more, in these FAQs about overtime regulations under the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act. Updated to include the new overtime law. Also includes info about state overtime laws.
Paid Sick Leave
Sick leave with pay is coming for most U.S. workers, if the Healthy Americans Act becomes law. Find out more about paid sick leave benefits here.
Providing Your Salary History
There are no laws against an employer asking you to provide your salary history, even though it's so private that you might not tell your best friend. Includes sample salary histories and salary requirement letters to sidestep or comply with the request.
Resignation Notice Pay
Discover whether or not you're entitled to pay through your notice period, if your employer terminates your employment shortly after you give advanced notice of resignation. Includes a link to free, formatted resignation letter samples you may download or copy for personal use.
Right to Work
What right to work means, a list of right to work states, and links to right to work laws.
Seeking Employment with a Criminal Record
Answers to frequently-asked questions about seeking employment with a criminal record in the U.S.
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Read about what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace and how you may seek relief through a lawsuit.
Unemployment Insurance
If you lose your job in the U.S., there's a good chance that you are entitled to collect unemployment insurance checks and other benefits from your state unemployment office. Includes info on eligibility, benefits, and when and where to apply.
Welfare to Work
About the legislation reforms, programs and services that help unemployed, disadvantaged and disabled people get off or avoid the welfare rolls, and become more self-sufficient through childcare, job-training and employment assistance.
Whistle Blower Protection Laws
Explains whistle blower protection from employer retaliation, provided by U.S. whistle blower laws.
Work-at-Home Job Scams
Work-at-home job scams rip off thousands of people annually. Here are tips for avoiding them.
Workers' Compensation Insurance
About eligibility, benefits, lawyers, and Federal and state laws, plus how to file and appeal a disability claim.
Workplace and Occupational Safety and Health Standards
Workplace and occupational safety and health standards, laws and regulations are enforced by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Discover your rights under the OSH Act and what OSHA can do for you.
Workplace Privacy
Is your U.S. employer spying on you? Likely so. That's because employee workplace privacy rights essentially don't exist in the U.S., thanks to few and weak laws. Learn more about workplace privacy.
Wrongful Termination
Just because an employee was unfairly fired or forced to quit doesn't mean that he or she suffered wrongful termination, at least not according to law. Find out what wrongful termination means. Also called wrongful discharge.
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