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Job letter samples, examples, templates, formats and writing tips are linked below by job letter type. Job letters include cover, thank you, resignation, reference, recommendation, salary, job inquiry, and many others.
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Job Letter Writing Desk
Essential resources for writing effective and professional job letters, including resignation, interview thank-you, reference, recommendation, salary history and resume cover letters. Includes job letter examples, samples, formats and templates that you may download or copy for free.
Job Offer Letters
About job offer letters plus sample letters that offer, accept and decline job offers. You may download the sample job offer letters as guides to write your own.
Recommendation Letters - Letters of Recommendation
All about recommendation letters, from whom to request them and why. Includes samples recommendation letters and a recommendation letter template that you may download or copy and give to your references, to help ensure that they write effective recommendation letters on your behalf. Not much blows your chances for a job quicker than a poorly-written or mediocre recommendation letter.
Reference Letter - Letter of Reference
The advantages of asking for a reference letter and whom to ask. A reference letter sample that you may download and give to your references is provided. Also includes a link to several recommendation letter samples you may download. For employment matters, a reference letter and recommendation letter are pretty much the same thing.
Salary History - Salary Requirement Letter
If an employer asks you to provide your salary history, must you? Should you? Includes sample salary history and salary requirement letters and a template for complying with employer requests or politely sidestepping the issue. You may download or copy them right from your screen.
Writing a Resignation Letter
How to write a resignation letter without burning your bridges. Lots of formatted resignation letter samples and resignation letter templates that you may copy or download. A popular article here at Job Searching: Technical.
Writing Cover Letters
Tips for writing effective, resume cover letters that help you to stand out from other candidates. Includes cover letter samples and a cover letter template that you may download or copy.
Writing Follow-Up Letters
Explains the advantages of writing follow-up letters for a variety of "after" reasons related to employment.
Writing Thank You Letters
Writing effective, post-interview thank you letters may be the deciding factor in your favor, especially when there are many applicants with your qualifications. Includes thank you letter samples and a thank you letter template you may download or copy for free.
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