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Sample Resignation Letter Downloading

How to Download a Sample Resignation Letter

Instructions for downloading a sample resignation letter are included for both Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5.0. The procedure for other versions is similar.

Internet Explorer 5.0

  1. Right-click the sample resignation letter download link with your mouse. Explorer opens the window below.

IE Download Menu

  1. Click the selection Save Target As...
    • Explorer might briefly display an interim window while it gathers file information.
  1. Explorer opens the window below. Choose the directory where you want to save the sample resignation letter.
    • You may type a new file name for the sample resignation letter, but don't change the file type from RTF or your applications may not recognize it.

IE Download Window

  1. Click the Save button and the download proceeds.

Try it below or return to Download Sample Letters first (the page that might have delivered you here). The links below open a new browser window, so you can still see these instructions and try other samples. Each time you click a sample link again, the new sample displays in the same new window, but this window will cover it because you clicked here last. Just bring the new window to the front of your screen. For example, in Windows® 95, click on it in the taskbar below.

Sample Resignation Letter 1
Simple, friendly and courteous.
Sample Resignation Letter 2
Formal and straight to the point.
Sample Resignation Letter 3
Formal but grateful.
Sample Resignation Letter 4
Thwart a possible counteroffer.
Sample Resignation Letter 5
Short and sweet.
Sample Resignation Letter 6
Text from Simple Example 1 below. About as simple as it gets.
Sample Resignation Letter 7
Text from Simple Example 2 below. Same as 1, but with a touch of gratitude.
Resignation Letter Template
Formatted in block style with a letterhead. Just fill in the "blanks" and sign it.

Writing a Letter of Resignation
Keep it Simple · Stay Cool · Consider the Audience · In Conclusion

More Advice · Download Sample Letters · Simple Example 1
Simple Example 2 · Formats and Tools

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