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components are optional, while some are redundant if you use them all. (For example, you don't need an attention line if you type the recipient's name at the top of the inside address.) For an explanation of all the components, click on the link for this style in the menu below the sample.

When you're ready, you may download this business letter in rich-text format (RTF). You may also download or copy samples and examples of simple, employment-related business letters, by clicking on these links.

[Your Name]
[Street • City • State • Zip Code]
[Phone # • Fax phone # • Messages phone # • Email]


[Date today]
Re: [To what this letter refers]


[Recipient’s Name]
[Company Name]

Attention [Recipient’s Name]

Dear [Recipient's name]:


The main characteristic of full block business letters is that everything (except maybe a preprinted letterhead) is flush with the left margin.  Full block letters are a little more formal than modified block letters.

If your letter is only one page, type the complimentary close and optional components as shown below.  Otherwise, type them on the last page of your letter.  (See page 2 after you download this letter, or click on the appropriate link in the menu below.)


[Sign here]

[Your name, title]

[Identification Initials]
Enclosures: [Number]

cc: [Name for Copy]
     [Name for Copy]

Important! This document is only for personal use. Reproducing any part of this document in any media (commercial or not) is a violation of copyright laws. However, you may link to it from your Web site: http://jobsearchtech.about.com/library/bl-block-sample1.htm
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Job Searching - Technical supports Equal-Opportunity Employment.
Letter format source: Webster's Secretarial Handbook, Second Edition
Copyright © 2000, J. Steven Niznik. All Rights Reserved.

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