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Resume writing help and tips, including templates, formats, examples, samples, action verbs and cover letters.
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8 Free Resume Templates
Eight, free resume templates that you may download. Resume template formats include chronological, functional, combination (hybrid) and technical in two different styles each. Take your pick.
Avoiding I and My in Your Resume
From your About.com Guide, how to avoid writing the words I and my in your resume. Includes examples.
Creating a Scannable Resume
How to create a scannable resume and why it's a good idea. Includes links to samples.
How to Convert Your Resume
Tips for preparing your resume for job sites and email with Microsoft Word.
Letter Writing Desk
From your About.com Guide, help writing resume cover letters, thank you letters, letters of resignation, letters of reference, and other employment-related correspondence.
Resume Books
Get help from the experts for writing tailored cover letters and traditional and electronic resumes of all types, uncovering and marketing your talents, avoiding common resume mistakes, preparing for interviews, and getting inside hiring managers' minds. Lots of sample resumes and cover letters are included.
Resume Writing Software
If you're a do-it-yourselfer or can't afford to pay a writing service up to $200+, consider these relatively-inexpensive software packages that make it easier to write, polish and update your resume. Some are complete job-searching tools that also help you to job search on the Web, electronically distribute your resume, write job-related letters, stay organized, and even practice interviewing.
Resumes 101
From your About.com Guide, learn the basics about chronological, functional, combination and electronic resumes. Includes samples.
Should You Lie on Your Resume?
From your About.com Guide: Surveys indicate that lots of job seekers do, so why shouldn't you? Voice your opinion in the poll.
Submitting Your Resume
A collection of tips and tricks for distributing your resume on the Internet.
Writing a Curriculum Vitae
Some U.S. and overseas jobs require a Curriculum Vitae (CV) instead of a resume. Here are tips for writing a CV, plus links to samples and related cover letters.
A Good Resume Sells!
An online tutorial of sorts covering the basics of resume writing. By Rutgers University Career Planning and Placement.
Action Verbs
A list of "power" words to spice up your resume, courtesy of the University of Nebraska.
Audio Player
One or more of these sites may have audio clips you can listen to online, but you need the RealPlayer Basic plug-in. Download it for free.
Best College Resumes
A comprehensive rundown by Brian Kreuger, author of CollegeGrad Job Hunter and Webmaster of this site. Back up a page to the main resume section for lots of free templates you may download.
Building the Perfect Resume
Lots of tips from Tech-Engine, which specializes in financial-industry, IT jobs. Includes common mistakes, technical resume tips, and a sample.
Creating Scannable Resumes
Employers often prefer resumes they may scan into computer databases, using optical character recognition software. Here's how to prepare your resume for scanning via hard copy or email.
Explaining Resume Employment Gaps
Tips for dealing with employment gaps in your resume, from homemaker to job hopper. Courtesy of Monster.com.
Filling Resume Employment Gaps
Tips for using the "divide and combine" resume formatting strategy, to cover employment history gaps, career detours and job hopping without lying. From CareerJournal.
How to Craft a Senior-Level Resume
Ten tips for executives, by John C. Heed of the National Business Employment Weekly, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal.
How To Write a Masterpiece of a Resume
A promo for a book by Rockport Institute founder Nicholas Lore, but lots of free advice too, once you get down the page.
Master Resume Writer's Secrets Revealed
Resume tips from Sharp Placement Professionals, Inc. Includes samples, and interviewing and cover letter tips.
Resources for Resumes
From Monster.com, tips for writing electronic and traditional resumes, and lots of samples.
Resume and Letter Center
Lots of tips by professional resume writers for writing traditional and scannable resumes, curricula vitae, and thank-you and cover letters. Many samples by professional resume writers included. Hosted by TechnicalJobSearch.com.
Resume Distribution
Posts your resume to dozens of job banks and distributes it to thousands of recruiters and staffing companies for free. Also creates and hosts your editable Web resume for free. The catch? Additional services cost, and they'll make your email address available to third parties unless you opt out. Read the privacy policy before you sign up.
Resume Format Comparison Charts
Which resume format to use under certain circumstances, such as de-emphasizing employment gaps or highlighting transferable skills. From iseek.org, in cooperation with a collection of Minnesota state government offices. Includes lots of employment-related resources useful for all.
Resume-Internship Connection
Advice from Marianne Green for tailoring your resume to land an internship, courtesy of JobWeb.com. Includes a link to a sample, but it wasn't working at this writing.
Resume Writing Articles
A collection of articles about writing resumes for various occupations, dealing with special situations, making your resume more effective and other how-to's, courtesy of CareerJournal.
Resume Writing Tips
How to write your resume for employers, breakdown of the resume, notes on the Curriculum Vitae (CV), and other tips from BioView, a biopharmaceutical job and info site.
Resume Writing Help
Basics, formats, styles and writing tips for standard and electronic resumes, with templates you may download. Just one part of the online Career Development Manual from the University of Waterloo. Not just for college students.
Resume Tutor
An award-winning, interactive, online workbook that makes resume writing easy and fun. (Well, as fun as it can be.) Includes examples of chronological, functional and combination formats. From the University of Minnesota.
Top Ten Technical Resume Writing Tips
Technical resume writing tips by the numbers, courtesy of The Glass Ceiling and an unknown author.
Transferable Skills Survey
From the University of Minnesota, discover which skills from your life experiences are transferable to a resume. Especially useful for students and others with limited career experience.
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