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Tips for creating plain-text ASCII resumes for emailing and posting to job sites. Includes tips on keywords and scannable resumes.
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Creating a Scannable Resume
From your About.com Guide, how to create a scannable resume and why it's a good idea. Includes a link to several samples written by professional resume writers.
How to Convert Your Resume
From your About.com Guide, tips for preparing your resume for job sites and email with Microsoft® Word.
Letter Writing Desk
From your About.com Guide, help writing resume cover letters, thank you letters, letters of resignation, letters of reference, and other employment-related correspondence.
Resumes 101
From your About.com Guide, learn the basics about chronological, functional, combination and electronic resumes. Includes links to samples.
Submitting Your Resume
From your About.com Guide, a collection of tips and tricks for distributing your resume, especially on the Internet.
Email, ASCII Text and Viruses
A brief education about ASCII (plain-text resumes) and why they cannot hide viruses (as word-processed, email attachments can).
Designing a Scannable Resume
A professional resume writer briefly explains scanning technology, and describes each section of a scannable resume and how to write it. Includes several scannable resume samples written or edited by professional resume writers. Hosted by TechnicalJobSearch.com.
eResume Tutorial
Free advice and tutorials by award-winner Rebecca Smith, the foremost electronic resume expert on the Net.
Guide for a Scanner-Friendly Resume
Seven, quickie tips to make your resume readable by optical scanners, often used by employers to enter resumes into computers.
How to Create an ASCII Resume
Tips for creating your resume in the preferred format for submitting it by email, and pasting it into job-site resume forms.
How to Create Scannable Resumes
How to make your resume electronically friendly for emailing and scanning. From BioView, a biopharmaceutical job and info site.
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