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Engineering salary surveys, plus links to calculators, comparison, information, averages, negotiation, contractor rates, and more.
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Average Entry Level Salaries
Compiled from sources around the Net for graduates with engineering and computer degrees.
Computer and Engineering Salary Surveys
Link to profession-specific salary surveys across the US from JobStar, a free service of the California public library system.
Articles and salary tables for engineering professionals, courtesy of CareerJournal.
A variety of salary resources from the National Society of Professional Engineers, including what they think you should make for entry level jobs according to their yearly surveys. For members only, at least at this writing.
Engineering National Averages
Salaries for US benchmark positions in engineering, from WageWeb.com.
Engineering Salaries by Email
As a promo for their recruiting services, GNR will send you personalized salary info by email, along with job opportunities for your consideration. Both are based on what you enter into their online forms. You may opt out of receiving their emails at any time.
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