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Providing Your Salary History

How to Download Sample Salary History or Salary Requirement Letter

Instructions are included for both Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5.0. The procedure for other versions is similar.

Netscape 4.7

  1. Left-click a sample salary history or letter download link with your mouse.
  • Netscape opens the window below, but only if you have the option Always ask before opening this type of file selected in the checkbox.
  • If you don't, Netscape opens the window in step 4. Skip to step 4 if you don't see this window after clicking the download link.

Netscape Download Menu


The security message in the window above is a standard warning about viruses. The files at Job Searching: Technical are virus free.

  1. Click Save it to disk
  2. Click OK.
  3. Netscape opens the window below. Choose the directory where you want to save the sample salary history or letter.
    • You may type a new file name, but don't change the file type from RTF or your applications may not recognize it.

Netscape Download Window

  1. Click Save and the download proceeds.

Try it here or return to Download Samples first (the page that got you here). The sample links below open a new browser window, so you can still see these instructions and try other samples. Each time you click a sample link again, the new sample displays in the same new window, but this window will cover it because you clicked here last. Just bring the new window to the front of your screen. For example, in Windows® 95, click on it in the taskbar below.

Before you decide to go with Sample 4 or 5, please read Is it Any of Their Business? in this article.

Salary History Samples

Anatomy of a typical salary history in template form. It's not set in concrete, but rather a guide. Just fill in the "blanks." When listing employers' contact information, be sure they are the offices where your personnel records are held.
Sample 1
A sample salary history with all the anatomic parts and easy to tailor. Includes exact starting and ending salaries.
Sample 2

Similar to the sample above, but with ballpark figures instead of exact starting and ending ranges.
Sample 3
Letter in response to a salary history request that tactfully sidesteps the issue, and attempts to get an interview to negotiate instead. To do the same in reply to a salary requirement request, just plug in salary requirement in place of salary history.

Salary Requirement Letter Samples

Sample 4
Salary requirement letter that sidesteps a salary history request and offers a firm, but somewhat negotiable, minimum salary requirement instead.
Sample 5
Salary requirement letter in reply to a salary requirement request. Firm range, but leaves the door open for negotiations.

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