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Here's where to find everything you need to know about the skills required for your chosen technology career path. Learn about related programming languages, operating systems, software and hardware.

Developer's Guide to Windows Metro Style Apps
Metro Style Apps are an integral part of software development for the Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems. Content is the core of these applications...

Top Characteristics of Senior-Ranking Women in IT
What does it take for women in information technology to climb the ladder to senior positions? Find out which attributes and soft skills are most important for females in the IT industry: things like analytical and problem solving skills, inquisitiveness and willingness to learn, willingess to take risks, collaboration skills, willingness to work long hours, and assertiveness.

Top IT Networking Skills
Here are the top IT networking skills you will want to acquire in the near future. Computer networking skills such as virtualization, green IT, unified communications and information security and risk management are going to be main concerns for organizations moving forward. Add these technical skills to boost your IT networking career.

All About Learning SQL
Learn about SQL, a language specially developed for relational database management systems. Includes a brief history of SQL, as well as a list of several free and paid-for SQL training materials and tutorials. Learn SQL online for free, or get an introduction to SQL training through books, distance learning courses or classes at your local college or university.

Understanding Operating Systems
An overview of operating systems: what they are and what they do, as well as which operating systems are most popular. Information on the level of knowledge of particular operating systems that would be required for certain IT jobs.

Top 10 Technical Career Skills - Information and Resources
Whether you are just starting your technical career or looking to make a career change, it helps to know what career skills are hot in the job market. The following list of technical skills are currently in high demand. The list includes information, a brief history of each technology, and links to training resources.

Overview of Perl Programming
Information on where you can learn the dynamic programming language Perl, and the types of tech roles in which Perl skills would typically be required.

C++ Programming Language
C++ programming information, including a brief history of the C++ programming language, resources for programming with C++, and links to C++ programming training.

MySQL Information and Resources
Information on MySQL, including a brief history of MySQL and resources for learning the programming language, as well as links to MySQL development resources and MySQL database support.

Microsoft C# Programming Language
C# programming information, including a brief history of Microsoft's C# programming language, resources and tips on where to learn C# programming.

All About HTML
Information on HTML programming. Includes a brief history of the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), a popular language used for website design, as well as resources for learning HTML and links to free HTML programming training.

HTML5 and Its Impact on Tech Careers
HTML5 may just be your ticket if you're a web developer looking to make the transition to application programming. For the past several years, the future of HTML5 as a web standard has always been just out of reach, seemingly just another couple more years away. However...

IT pros will need business skills now more than ever
Hiring managers want talented coders, but they also want someone who can understand the business objectives behind any technological roll-out.

Turn to temporary work while looking for a tech job

Software Developer: Number one in 100 Best Jobs report
US News & World Report recently published its annual ranking of the world's "100 Best Jobs," and Software Developer is number one.

Linux skills in demand
Demand for people with Linux skills is higher than ever. More and more hiring managers are looking to fill their staffs with Linux pros this year.

Five ways to succeed in your IT career
If you want to stay at the top of the IT game, you have to work to improve your game. Here are six tips for making sure that you do just that.

Think big data jobs are only with the big firms? Think again
Big data is not just the concern of big corporations. It seems that almost every industry--including farming--is using the technology.

Five things--besides money--that will motivate your tech team
Despite what you might think, money is not always the best motivator for an employee. Take a look at what employees say they'd appreciate even more.

Are you ready for an IT interview?
Interviews for IT positions differ in some ways than the average interview. Here are some things to keep in mind while you prepare.

Free online courses that can improve your IT career

The career benefits of writing a tech blog
Writing a tech blog is good for your career. But be sure you're cut out with what it demands.

IT skills in demand now and in the immediate future
Emerging tech such as the Internet of Things, wearable tech and drones offer a fertile ground for new jobs.

The benefits and challenges of working for the Defense industry
An IT pro with 32 years' experience working for the defense industry, talks about the benefits, drawbacks, and skills required.

Make mistakes and take chances
Don't let the fear of failure keep you from taking on new initiatives and roles that could possibly change your professional life.

Tech skills aren't enough for a successful IT career
You can have the best tech skills on the planet but if they exist in a vacuum, then you're not going to be as big of an asset as you think you.

Save your career with good time management
Poor time management can be a big problem in a career. It's easy to overlook someone's talents when they can't finish projects on time.

How to network even if you're an introvert
Networking may not be the most comfortable exercise for introverts but there's no question that it's a valuable career tool.

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