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Tech Industry Basics

Here's where you'll find everything you need to know about the history of the technology industry, as well as information on current high-tech trends and future projections. Read more to learn how all of this ties in with your job search.

What Is Open Source Software?
What is the meaning of open source? Here's a definition of open source software, as well as more information about the free and open source software community and movement, and the benefits of developing and using open source products.

What is Nearshore IT Outsourcing?
Learn about nearshore outsourcing - the definition of nearshore IT outsourcing, what the difference is between nearshoring and offshoring, why companies nearshore their software development and other IT services, and popular nearshoring destinations.

Unix Information and Resources
An overview of the Unix operating system, including a history of Unix, available variations of Unix, and what exactly constitutes a Unix OS. Links to places where you can learn more about Unix, as well as lilnks to other popular technical skills.

Linux History and Resources
An overview of Linux, including a history of the Linux operating system, developed by Linus Torvalds. Details on the types of jobs for which you will need to know Linux, as well as links to Linux certification and training information, and other related popular technical skills.

Steve Jobs Biography Information
Biography information for Steve Jobs. Information about Apple Founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Learn more about the visionary Steve Jobs. Information about Steve Jobs.

Server Virtualization: A Definition
Definition of server virtualization. An overview of what is server virtualization, what are the benefits of server virtualization and what kinds of advantages server virtualization can offer your organization. Also, a look at server virtualization trends and adoption, as well as the market and top server virtualization vendors.

What Are the Characteristics of Generation C? - Digital Natives
An explanation of the different ways you could define the characteristics of Generation C – either by birth year or by technological skills, interests and focus.

Trends in Unified Communications
Information on unified communications: what it is, how unified communications technology works and is used, how unified communications can benefit companies, what are the challenges around implementing unified communications, and who are the major players in the unified communications space.

The Cloud Computing Trend
A definition of cloud computing and cloud services, as well as companies and industries involved in cloud computing. Learn whether cloud computing is right for your company.

All About the History of Information Technology
Links to information about the history of information technology, including timelines, inventors, major milestones and events.

Learn About ITIL - Information technology Infrastructure Library

Information About the ITAA

ISACA - Professional Organization

International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium

Learn More About Cryptography
A definition of cryptography and links to more resources on this topic. Find out more about how cryptography is used in modern information technology applications.

The Leading Information Security Associations
An introduction to professional organizations that focus on information security, one of the hottest topics in information technology, and one of the few specialty areas within IT where companies will continue to invest money, even in an economic downturn.

Information Technology - Definition and History
A definition and history of informaton technology or IT: the use of computers and software to manage information.

History of the Technology Industry - The Dot Bomb Era
Learn more about the dot bomb era, the period of time following the dot com "bubble" of the late 1990s, continuing into 2001.

Career Branding: Nameplate Websites
If employers are looking for you online already, it makes sense to send them to the places you want them to see first. Using a nameplate website, or personal landing page, can give them all the important facts about you, with links to your social media pages and other websites.

12 Web Developers to Follow on Twitter
As a web developer, Twitter can be an great resource for industry news, making new contacts, or finding your next job. Here are a dozen people to start following, recognized leaders in their fields, with specialties ranging from basic HTML to the inner-workings of PHP and JavaScript. Of course, the more active you are on Twitter, the more people...

When and how to use a headhunter

Has technology enabled or harmed the HR department?
The Human Resources department is, ironically, losing the human element. Why technology is making HR less useful.

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