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Technical Interview Questions and Tips

Examples of technical interview questions interviewers might ask you, plus general tips for success. Includes practical problem solving and brainteasers, some with answers.
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Technical Interview Questions
About technical interview questions, brainteasers and riddles. Links to typical technical interview questions and answers are included. Also answers the classic technical interview question, "Why are manhole covers round?"
Brainteasers for Engineers
Example technical interview questions and brainteasers with answers. Contributed by electronics and computer engineers, and others who have collected them from real interviews.
Information Technology Specific
As a promo for their guide, AceTheInterview.com posts information technology interview questions and answers, submitted by visitors. Categories include General/Fundamentals, Analytical, Algorithms & Coding, Language Specific and Microsoft Interview Q&A.
IT Interviews
Lots of technical interview tips from Tech-Engine, specializing in IT jobs for the financial industry. Some topics have a technical or financial-industry slant and range from before the interview to after, neatly arranged in sections. Sample questions with suggested ways of answering included.
Microsoft Interview Questions & Answers
Technical interview questions, programming exercises and brainteasers with suggested answers, thanks to Microsoft interviewees and 4GuysFromRolla.com.
Networking and UNIX
Sample technical interview questions provided by Australian Keith Sinclair on his personal homepage. Includes answers to some.
Surviving the Technical Interview
A chain of articles by Debra Littlejohn Shinder, MCSE and coauthor of the book Troubleshooting Windows 2000 TCP/IP. Includes lots of general technical interview tips, but leans heavily toward IT. Also answers the classic technical interview question "Why are Manhole Covers Round?"
Technical Interview Tips, Techniques & Questions
Technical interview tips, techniques, and practice sample questions, riddles, brainteasers and such. Courtesy of TechnicalJobSearch.com.
Technical Interview Question Samples
Technical interview question samples organized by category at TechInterviews.com, including .NET, C++, Database, General, Hardware, Java, Networking, Unix/Linux, VB and Windows. Submitted by readers, HR personnel, job seekers, IT management and others sources.
Technical Interview Question Samples
A variety of sample questions about programming languages, data structure, operating systems, and electronics.
Technical Interview Questions For Programmers
Heavy-duty programming questions related to practical problem solving and techniques. Collected from the Internet and placed on a personal Website by a guy named Vincent.
Tips and Questions for Technical Job Interviews
General technical interview tips leaning toward IT, by Allan Hoffman and courtesy of Monster.com. Monster also offers a virtual tech interview with multiple-choice questions and immediate, online feedback.
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