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A collection of technical resume samples, examples, templates and writing tips, including and in addition to those distributed throughout the other resume categories. As is typical on the Web, most to all technical resumes linked below are for landing information technology jobs. But the principles apply to landing many other technical jobs too.
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Technical Resume Template - Style One
Technical resume template created by modifying a traditional, combination resume format. Each heading is listed down the left-hand side, lined up with its section. Download it for free.
Technical Resume Template - Style Two
Same as the technical resume template above, but with each heading left-justified above its section. Download it for free.
Building the Perfect Technical Resume
Lots of tips from Tech-Engine, which specializes in IT jobs. Includes common mistakes, technical resume tips, and a sample.
Free Technical Resume Templates
Similar to the formats of the technical resume templates here at Job Searching: Technical, but with a few style and other tweaks if you want variety. Download them for free from TechnicalJobSearch.com.
Technical Resume Examples
Technical-Resumes.com offers a collection of technical resume examples for a few positions, as promo for their resume writing services.
Technical Resume Examples
Technical resume examples for various IT disciplines, including software and network engineering, and program and project management.
Technical Resume Sample
Simple chronological resume sample with a Profile heading up front, which converts it to a so-called technical resume.
Technical Resume Samples
Free, technical resume samples for a few computer fields, as a promo for books about information technology resumes and interviews. Although they're called resume templates, they're actually samples.
Top Ten Technical Resume Writing Tips
Ten general tips for writing a technical resume from Taos, an IT consulting services company in Northern California's Silicon Valley.
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