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Fields Employing Tech Workers

Want to know what's happening in a particular industry, how that's affecting the demand for tech workers and what kinds of skills you need in order to meet the specific needs of this industry? Check out this section.

Telecommunications Jobs
Jobs and resources in the telecommunications and wireless communications industries. Includes a list of websites where you can search for and apply to jobs in the telecommunications field.

Tech Jobs in the Aerospace and Defense Industry
All about information technology jobs in the aerospace and defense industry. Learn about trends in the defence and aerospace field, and what kinds of technical aerospace and defense industry job opportunities are out there. Details on the IT skills you may need to get an aviation industry job, as well as the kinds of tech positions employers are hiring for in the aerospace and defense industry.

Putting a Green Spin on Your IT Career
An article examining the impact of the green or environmental movement on the IT industry and how growing concerns about power consumption and cost savings, as well as the economic recession, could affect spending on green IT and the hiring of tech workers with related skills.

Cloud Computing Jobs
While cloud computing is supposed to help IT departments do more with less, there are still opportunities for job growth in this area of IT. Learn more about what kinds of skills are required to find a job in cloud computing.

Job Boards Specializing in Green Jobs
Find a "green" technology job by visiting these websites, which feature job listings for environmentally-friendly companies.

Finding and Applying for Government Jobs
How to find and apply for IT jobs within the federal U.S. government.

Healthcare Jobs
A list of healthcare career resources for non-clinical, technical healthcare jobs in information technology, information systems, networking and engineering.

When social media becomes a part of the IT pro's job
Social media is not just a side interest if you're in IT. The more you know how to use it in business, the more valuable you will be as an employee.

It seems that every new report that comes out stresses the need for upping security in the corporate sector. Here are some ways you can be prepared as an IT pro.

Think big data jobs are only with the big firms? Think again
Big data is not just the concern of big corporations. It seems that almost every industry--including farming--is using the technology.

The feud over H-1B visas continues
Silicon Valley is looking to increase the number of H-1B visas allowed every year. But there are those in Congress who don't want to see this happen.

Software developer fastest growing position in IT
If you're looking for the hottest place to be in IT, software development would be it. Take a look at the statistics backing this statement up.

Is project management right for you?

IT skills in demand now and in the immediate future
Emerging tech such as the Internet of Things, wearable tech and drones offer a fertile ground for new jobs.

Diversity in IT: Still not where it needs to be
Cultural diversity in IT is, as with any field of work, extremely important. Here's what's going on with tech companies as they recognize this fact.

Advice for IT pros in or entering the software development field
Software development continues to be one of the hottest fields in IT. Here are some tips for being the best at it.

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