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Workplace Issues

You'll face some unique issues and challenges in the technology workplace. Here are some tips on how to deal with various aspects of corporate culture and how to find or create opportunities for your own career advancement. Learn about special office setups and perks, and how some companies have been adding a fun factor to the workplace.

Alternatives to April Fools' Pranks in the IT Workplace
If you're tempted to pull an office prank, think twice before you do it. The results of a survey suggest that management will look down on April Fools office pranks as a waste of time. While you should avoid pulling pranks on your coworkers, here are some alternatives to April Fools office jokes that you can introduce to your IT department so you can still have fun at work.

What is Offshore IT Outsourcing?
What is offshore outsourcing and why companies choose to send their information technology work overseas to other countries across the globe. Find out which countries are the most popular destinations for sending IT work offshore.

What is IT Outsourcing?
A definition of information technology outsourcing. Find out what types of IT services typically get outsourced, and the different kinds of outsourcing options out there, including offshoring, nearshoring, onshoring and blended-shoring.

Tips for Mature Tech Workers Delaying Retirement
What to do when you have to delay retirement for financial or other reasons. How technical or information technology workers can stay relevant and competitive while they postpone retirement. How to deal with a career transition while delaying retirement.

Non-Compete Agreements
Learn more about non-compete agreements. What makes non-compete agreements legal and binding, and what courts will consider when deciding whether a non-compete agreement is enforceable. How to determine whether you can break a non-compete agreement.

How to Deal With Cutbacks in Holiday Perks From Your Employer
Learning that your company has cut back on holiday bonuses can be a real disappointment. But if your employer is forced to make major staff holiday gift cutbacks, there are still ways to maintain the spirit of the season in the office and among your tech worker colleagues. Read more to find out how you can deal with staff holiday party cancellations, xmas bonus cuts and cutbacks in holiday gifts …

The Cost of Presenteeism - Coming to Work Sick
An overview of presenteeism - what it is, why people come to work sick, what is the cost of presenteeism to employers and workers, what other harm presenteeism can cause, and how to minimize presenteeism for a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.

Emergency Influenza Containment Act
An article about the Emergency Influenza Containment Act: what it is, who would be covered by the law, and some of the pros and cons of the proposed legislation.

Sick Leave Pay
Information about sick leave pay: who is entitled to it and the legislation that is currently being considered in order to make it mandatory to offer certain employees a minimum number of paid sick days.

Paid Sick Leave
Background information on the Healthy Families Act, originally introduced in 2005 in order to require employers with at least 15 employees to offer at least minimal sick benefits.

Working as an Independent Contractor
What's it like to work as an independent contractor? Find out more in this article, which discusses the pros and cons of being an independent contractor, how to get started in this role, and how to work with independent contractor agencies.

Best Sites for Employment Law Advice
A list of the top websites where you can gather employment law data. Here you will find the most up-to-date, reliable and informative sites to find employment law advice. These sites are great places to research employment laws and get answers to many of your employment law questions.

Workplace and Occupational Safety and Health Standards
An overview of the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. How OSHA ensures the safety and health of American workers. What to do if you're concerned about safety or health on the job. How to file a complaint with OSHA. Ways in which employees are protected from employer retaliation when filing a complaint or getting involved in an OSHA inspection.

Telework and IT: Do They Mix?
A discussion of telecommuting and whether it's a good fit for the IT workplace. Tips on optimizing telework arrangements so that both employee and employer are happy.

Using Social Media in the IT Workplace
Why are some employers blocking workers from accessing social networking or social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter? Find out more about the distractions these sites can cause for IT workers, how much money companies lose from these disruptions, and how you can use social media wisely within the workplace and outside of the office.

Impact of the Aging Workforce on the Technology Industry
How the baby boomer workforce is affecting the technology industry and available jobs, including the potential effects of retirement and the shifting workplace culture.

The H-1B Visa
Definition of and issues with H1B or H1-B visas as related to jobs in technology. Advice on how to start the H1B application, as well as information on H1B quota and transfer issues. Includes INS or Immigration and Naturalization Services issues.

Best Sites for Employment Law Advice
Links to several informative sites where you can find employment law advice. These sites are great places to research employment laws and get answers to many of your employment law questions.

The feud over H-1B visas continues
Silicon Valley is looking to increase the number of H-1B visas allowed every year. But there are those in Congress who don't want to see this happen.

What not to do in your new job
You might think after the interviewing is over with and you're finally starting a new job, that the hard part is over. Don't fall into that trap.

Five things--besides money--that will motivate your tech team
Despite what you might think, money is not always the best motivator for an employee. Take a look at what employees say they'd appreciate even more.

Ageism in IT

Hiring process: A company that does it right
There's nothing worse than applying to company that is terrible at responding. Here's one that does it right.

Diversity in IT: Still not where it needs to be
Cultural diversity in IT is, as with any field of work, extremely important. Here's what's going on with tech companies as they recognize this fact.

Telecommuting: Pros and cons for the IT pro
Is telecommuting a good fit for you? Here are a few pros and cons to consider if you're an IT pro who is being given the option to work at home.

Four signs you might be a bad boss
Often, IT pros are promoted because of their technical skills. The problem is that sometimes they don't know how to manage effectively.

Here's why the hiring process for IT needs to change
If you're looking for IT talent to keep up with tech changes, don't fall into this trap.

Make mistakes and take chances
Don't let the fear of failure keep you from taking on new initiatives and roles that could possibly change your professional life.

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