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How to Follow Up After Submitting a Resume for a Tech Job


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How Long Should You Wait to Follow Up On Your Resume?

Recruiters have different opinions on this. A Yahoo! HotJobs survey found that most recruiters (53 percent) suggested contacting the employer one week after you've sent in your resume. Another 21 percent said you should wait less than a week, while eight percent said you should wait two weeks. Then there are those (19 percent) who said you should not follow up and instead wait for the employer to call you.

If in doubt, stick with the one-week rule. By that time, the employer has received enough resumes to have some sort of idea of what the candidate pool looks like, but probably hasn't moved on to later decision-making stages. Following up could cause a busy tech employer to look through that stack of resumes again and pull yours out to give it a second look - and perhaps call you in for an interview.

Read on to find out what steps you can take to follow up on your resume.

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