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Tech Careers: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to write a good tech resume
A tech resume is like other resumes to some extent, but there are also some specific things to keep in mind that are different from your average resume.
Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Computer...
Career profile for computer engineers. A job description for computer engineering. The duties and responsibilities of a computer engineer, the education required to enter the computer engineering field, and important technical skills required to become a computer software engineer or a computer hardware engineer. Information on fields typically employing computer engineers, and niche areas where you can find computer engineering jobs.
All About Systems Engineer Careers
A profile of the systems engineering or system engineering position, including the typical duties of a systems engineer, as well as the skills, training, certification and experience required to move into this career.
Sample Business Letter Envelope
Sample business letter envelope format for mailing resignation, thank-you, reference (recommendation), salary and resume cover letters.
Employment Separation Agreements - Termination...
Employment Separation Agreements - Termination Agreement - Think ahead before accepting your employer's 'bribe' to sign this binding contract that limits your legal rights. Sample separation agreements and severance negotiating tips included.
Salary Requirement Letter
Salary requirement letter example to help you state a firm but negotiable range. Includes salary requirement letter examples you may download and tailor. Salary history examples too.
Advice for New and Old Software Developers
Software development continues to be one of the hottest fields in IT. Here are some tips for being the best at it.
Try to see yourself as the interviewer would
When you think about all the resumes hiring managers have to sift through, you have to make yours stand out from the pack.
Sample Qualifications Letter - Q Letter Sample
Sample Qualifications Letter - Download this sample qualifications letter and tailor it for personal use. Also called a Q letter for short.
Business Letters - Download Samples
Business Letters - Download or copy samples and examples.
All About SQL Learning
Learn about SQL, a language specially developed for relational database management systems. Includes a brief history of SQL, as well as a list of several free and paid-for SQL training materials and tutorials. Learn SQL online for free, or get an introduction to SQL training through books, distance learning courses or classes at your local college or university.
Sample Business Letter - Download
Sample business letter format in full block style that you may download or copy.
Security Clearance FAQs
Security Clearance FAQs - Answers to frequently asked questions about a job-related security clearance, courtesy of the U.S. Defense Security Service.
Mandatory Guidelines - Federal Workplace Drug...
Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs. Includes drug testing cutoff levels for passing and failing.
Unisys - Company Profile
Profile of Unisys, a technology solutions and services company. Learn more about Unisys - its technology, market position, what it's like to work for Unisys Corporation and what kinds of jobs are available at Unisys. Information on Unisys technology career prospects, and tips on how to apply for Unisys job openings.
LinkedIn offers new features to aid in job search
LinkedIn is a good social media tool for making business connections and searching for a job.
Big data tech certifications
If you want to get informed in an area of tech that is exploding, big data is the field for you. Here are some big data certifications to look at.
What It Takes to Become a Business Analyst
What is a business analyst? This career profile will tell you more about what a business analyst does, the responsibilities and role of a business analyst, what kind of education or training you need to become a business analyst, and what kinds of skills are required for a business analyst role.
Everything You Need to Know About Ernst & Young...
Ernst & Young is a global professional services firm employing 18,000 people, with annual revenues of $4 billion. IT professionals are a major component of the advisory work they do with clients in the areas of risk assessment and IT advisory services.
Silicon Valley - Living and Working in...
If you're thinking about relocating to High-Tech Heaven in Silicon Valley, CA, this is a must-see article. Includes information on cost of living, job availability, weather, earthquakes, housing and more.
Interview Questions to Ask Start-Up Companies
Interview questions to ask start-up companies, plus links to start-up jobs.
Salary Variations for Software Application...
If you're an application developer, or planning to become one, it's a good idea to take a look at what your peers are making before negotiating your salary. In 2011, the median salary for software application developers was $89,280. However your experience, certifications, where you live and the company you are applying to can all play a role in how much you earn.
10 Most Demanding Tech Jobs
In a survey of about 800 IT professionals across the world, Emerson Network Power has ranked the ten most demanding IT jobs, based on time constraints, responsibility and how often they are on call.
Independent Contractor Law
Independent Contractor Law - Are you classified as an independent contractor but treated as an ordinary employee? Discover your rights in the US under the IRS Common Law Rules and Fair Labor Standards Act.
Tips for Effective Use of Bullet Points in...
Information on the effective use of bullet points to make your cover letter more readable. How to write a cover letter that will stand out and help you get your desired tech job. Tips for effective use of bullet points in tech cover letters, and how to format the rest of your paragraphs so they are more reader-friendly and easily scanned by the human eye.
Independent Contractor or Employee
Independent Contractor or Employee - By US law, you are either an independent contractor or employee with no in-between. Find out how it's supposed to work according to the IRS Common Law Rules and Fair Labor Standards Act.
Independent Contractor - IRS Common Law Rules
Independent Contractor - IRS Common Law Rules for determining independent contractor vs employee. Formerly the Twenty Common Law Factors. A link to Employment Relationship under the Fair Labor Standards Act is included.
Independent Contractor
Independent Contractor (IC) - Pros and cons of working as an independent contractor and how to get started.
How Much Does a Network Administrator Make?
Network and computer administrators earn an average of about $70,000 per year. This can be a highly specialized field requiring a college degree and hands-on experience. Salaries vary widely depending on the individual's experience, expertise, where the company is located and which industry the company is in.
Security Clearance - Job Related
What a security clearance for a job is in the US, and how you'd obtain a top secret, secret or confidential security clearance for a private-sector or government job.
Job Fairs - Ten Tips
Job Fairs - Ten tips for making the most of your time at job fairs. Includes links to virtual, online, diversity, college, live and other types of US and international job fairs.
Information Systems Security Manager
A profile of the Information Systems Security Manager position: responsibilities, day-to-day tasks, and knowledge, experience and training requirements.
6 Best Information Technology Jobs Today
Here are some of the best IT jobs in the United States today based on salary, hiring outlook and working conditions.
Independent Contractor - Cons
Independent Contractor - Disadvantages of working as an independent contractor compared to the advantages, and how to get started.
Systems Software Developer Salaries
When it comes to landing a job as a systems software developer, you should know beforehand if the salary you're being offered is competitive or not. Your education and experience should be a factor in salary negotiations. Your region and the company itself will also determine how much you get paid. In 2011, the median salary for systems software developers was $96,600, but salaries vary widely. For your first year you may get less than half of this, while veterans may be earning nearly twice as much.
Sample Salary History
Sample Salary History - Download this sample salary history that has all the anatomic parts and offers ballpark figures verses exact. Easy to customize.
Overview of Database Administrator Salaries
Database administrators (DBAs) earn a median salary of about $75,200 per year. This can be a highly specialized position, often requiring a college degree and hands-on experience. Salaries vary widely depending on the DBA's experience and specialization, as well as the company's industry and geographic region.
Social Security - Benefits Eligibility
Social Security is about more than a card number and retirement. Social Security Administration benefits include disability, vocational rehabilitation, Medicare, supplemental income, family and survivor well-being.
Who Is Generation C?
An explanation of the different ways you could define the characteristics of Generation C - either by birth year or by technological skills, interests and focus.
Independent Contractors - IRS Common Law Rules...
Independent Contractors - IRS Common Law Rules Industry Examples - Helps employers and independent contractors determine if the employment relationship complies with labor laws. Formerly the Twenty Common Law Factors.
7 Tips to Ace a Telephone Interview
How to have a successful telephone job interview, including which materials you should have on-hand, what kind of attitude to project, and other tips.
Interviewing with Start-Up Companies
Tips for interviewing with start-companies, plus interview questions to ask and links to start-up jobs.
How to get a job at a top tech company
Most IT pros dream of working for the hottest tech companies. Here are some tips for getting hired.
What Should You Avoid Including In Your...
Even if you're leaving a very bad work situation, your resignation letter should not be used as a venting tool. Learn about several elements you should leave out of your letter of resignation, and how they could harm your future job opportunities if you include these things in your resignation letter.
Web Resumes
Links to resources for creating your own Web resume.
Independent Contractor - Getting Started
First steps to getting started as an independent contractor - Includes links to fill-in-the-blanks independent contractor agreements.
How to Follow Up After Submitting a Resume for...
Instructions on how to follow up after you submit your resume for a technical position. Details on how to follow up on your resume via email or a phone call.
Independent Contractor - Pros
Independent Contractor - Advantages of working as an independent contractor and how to get started.
Highest Paying Computer Support Salaries
The median salary for computer support specialists in 2010 was $46,260. Learn about variations based on region, certification, experience and industry here.
Web Developer Salary
If you are a web developer or considering becoming one, here are some facts about web developer salaries you will probably be interested in knowing. While web developer salaries vary depending on expertise, experience, location and industry, average salaries have been compiled by state and federal agencies as well as private sector surveys, which provides a great deal of insight into web developer incomes and variances.
Best Way to Email Cover Letter for Technical Job
Tips for emailing your cover letter for a technical job. Ensure you email your cover and resume the proper way so they are likely to be viewed by the recruiter or hiring manager. Trying to decide whether to include the cover letter in the body of an email or add it as an attachment when applying for a job in information technology? Find out what your options are for emailing your cover letter, which method is the best one for sending your cover letter in most cases, and why.
The Cost of Presenteeism
An overview of presenteeism - what it is, why people come to work sick, the cost of presenteeism to employers and employees, what harm presenteeism can cause, and how to minimize presenteeism for a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.
The career benefits of writing a tech blog
Writing a tech blog is good for your career. But be sure you're cut out with what it demands.
Salary History Sample
Salary History Sample - Download this salary history sample that has all the anatomic parts and states exact figures verses ballpark. Easy to tailor.
Qualifications Letters - Q Letters
Qualifications Letters - Stand out from the crowd by sending tailored qualifications letters or Q letters instead of resumes. A sample qualifications letter you may download and tailor is included.
Ageism in IT
Ageism is an ugly reality and one that is particularly present in IT. Here are a few things you can do keep you career going strong as you age.
What Is Open Source Software?
What is the meaning of open source? Here's a definition of open source software, as well as more information about the free and open source software community and movement, and the benefits of developing and using open source products.
Software developer fastest growing position in IT
If you're looking for the hottest place to be in IT, software development would be it. Take a look at the statistics backing this statement up.
The Purpose of Phone Interviews for Tech Jobs
The purpose of phone interviews for technology jobs. How employers use phone interviews to screen or narrow down the pool of candidates. Phone interview tips and tricks that will help you have a successful job interview over the telephone. Phone interview questions and answers and how they're meant to help the employer determine whether you're a good fit for the position and company.
Should you be an IT specialist or generalist?
Although historically IT specialists make more money than their generalist counterparts, reports seem to indicate that companies are looking for a unique combination of both.
8 Tips for Requesting LinkedIn Recommendations
Not sure how to request LinkedIn recommendations from former colleagues and employers? Here are eight tips for requesting employment recommendations on this professional networking site. Online social networking can help you find a technical job if you use it correctly. Make sure you take full advantage of LinkedIn's features by asking for employment recommendations from your contacts on this online business networking website.
Cloud Computing Job Prospects
While cloud computing is supposed to help IT departments do more with less, there are still opportunities for job growth in this area of IT. Learn more about what kinds of skills are required to find a job in cloud computing.
Free Online Tech Courses
More and more colleges are offering free courses online from some of the best authorities in the world. Subjects range from beginner courses in computer programming to advanced engineering and quantum electronics. While these courses are available to anyone for free, finding them isn't always easy. This guide highlights some of the best resources available online today.
12 Programmers to Follow on Twitter
Whether you program apps for Android or iOS, design games, or write financial software in C#, Twitter can be a useful resource for finding experts in your field who share tricks of the trade, job openings, and the latest news and trends.
Cyber Threat Analyst - Career Profile
A definition of the cyber threat analyst career, which falls within the information security realm. Includes a summary of the cyber threat analyst's duties, as well as required education and certifications. Learn more about the technical skills and experience you will need in order to get hired as a cyber threat analyst, as well as other types of cyber threat analysis skills employers are looking for. This article also includes a list of companies that typically hire cyber threat analysts.
Sample Resignation Letter - Download Instructio...
Sample Resignation Letter Download Instructions - How to download the sample resignation letter of your choice, using Internet Explorer.
A Tech Worker's Guide for Going Back to School
If you're a tech worker considering going back to school, you're not alone. A recent US Census Bureau report shows...
YouTube - Company Profile
Have your eye on getting a YouTube job? Working for YouTube will give you an excellent opportunity to expand your IT skills. Here are some tips for applying for YouTube positions. Find out the best techniques to use for your YouTube job search, what kinds of technical positions YouTube is interested in filling, and which IT skills YouTube is looking for.
Drug Abuse Side Effects - Drug Testing in the...
Side effects of illegal drug abuse - Part of the article entitled Drug Testing in the Workplace.
What Should You Include in Your Resignation...
Learn why you should write a resignation letter, how to write a letter of resignation, and what you should include in your resignation letter when leaving your current technical position. Letters of resignation should contain a few basic pieces of information, but you need to know how to present them in a way that will be most beneficial to you and will not burn any bridges with your current IT employer when you give your resignation notice.
Independent Contractor - Agencies
Independent Contractor - Landing independent contractor jobs through staffing agencies, until you can become truly independent.
Top IT Networking Skills
Here are the top IT networking skills you will want to acquire in the near future, according to a survey of Cisco CCIE certification holders. Computer networking skills such as virtualization, green IT, unified communications and information security and risk management are going to be main concerns for organizations moving forward. Add these technical skills to boost your IT networking career and ensure that you have the top IT skills that are in demand these days.
Silicon Valley, Part II
If you're thinking about relocating to High-Tech Heaven in Silicon Valley, CA, this is a must-see article. Includes information on cost of living, job availability, weather, earthquakes, housing and more.
What is IT Outsourcing?
A definition of information technology outsourcing. Find out what types of IT services typically get outsourced, and the different kinds of outsourcing options out there, including offshoring, nearshoring, onshoring and blended-shoring.
How to answer the salary question in an interview
One of the hardest questions to answer in an interview is the salary question. Here are some way to keep from underbidding or overbidding yourself.
Interviews - Interviewing while Pregnant
Interviews - Interviewing while Pregnant - Tips for maneuvering through job interviews while pregnant. Includes information on maternity benefits, employment discrimination and the Family and Medical Leave Act.
Facebook: Company Profile
Facebook is not only the world's most popular social networking website, it is one of the most sought-after employers in the world. With an estimated 250,000 job applications submitted to Facebook each year, if you want to get a job at Facebook, here are some things to know about the company.
Job Tenure and the Myth of Job Hopping
Despite reports that people are more likely than ever before to hop from one job to another, the latests figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that people change jobs less than they did ten years ago, and only slightly more often than they did thirty years ago.
CompuCom: Company Profile
CompuCom is an IT outsourcing company hiring for infrastructure management and integration, application development, as well as hardware and software procurement and management.
Five ways to succeed in your IT career
If you want to stay at the top of the IT game, you have to work to improve your game. Here are six tips for making sure that you do just that.
Tech companies behind national average when it...
Cultural diversity in IT is, as with any field of work, extremely important. Here's what's going on with tech companies as they recognize this fact.
Employment at Will - Laws that Limit Employment...
Employment at Will - Laws that limit the employment at will doctrine and help to enforce good cause for termination in the US.
Silicon Valley, Part III
If you're thinking about relocating to High-Tech Heaven in Silicon Valley, CA, this is a must-see article. Includes information on cost of living, job availability, weather, earthquakes, housing and more.
Can you be too old for IT?
That's a horrible thought, isn't it? To think that if you devote your life to a tech career that one day someone may look at you and think that they could get
Non-Disclosure Agreement - Nondisclosure...
Non-Disclosure Agreement - Explains the circumstances under which a non-disclosure agreement is legal or not by US law.
3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a...
If you've had enough of the corporate experience and want to run your own company, be sure to read these tips.
Internet Business Opportunity
Internet Business Opportunity - Dot-com or dot-con? Get tips for avoiding home-based internet business opportunity scams that turn into biz flops. Includes links to the 'Top Ten Dot Cons' and other rip-off warnings.
Emerson: Company Profile
Emerson is a Fortune 150 company employing 133,000 people worldwide, including over 8,000 engineers. Emerson was founded in 1890 and today is a Fortune 150 company with an annual revenue of $24.2 billion.
How do you get your name in the hands of the...
It's scary that tech pros can't always depend on HR to help them. That's where blogging might come in handy.
Telework and Technical Jobs: Do They Mix?
A discussion of telecommuting and whether it's a good fit for information technology jobs. Tips on optimizing telework arrangements so that both employee and employer are happy. Telecommuting pros and cons, and tips on how to make telework a feasible option for IT workers.
How to Write a Reference Letter
A simple how to on writing a reference (recommendation) letter. Includes samples and examples.
Discrimination in Employment - US employers cannot single out employees or applicants on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion and a variety of other reasons.
Cisco Systems - Company Profile
Tips on applying for Cisco jobs. Cisco company information, including the products this company produces, and Cisco's market position. Find out what skills you need to land a job at Cisco, and what it's like working for Cisco in various techical roles, including information security, software engineering, system engineering, hardware engineering, technical consulting and hardware testing.
IS Manager Salary
Computer and information system (IS) managers are responsible for the computer technology and data of their organizations. While job titles and salaries vary widely, typically salaries for these positions range between $73,000 and $185,000.
Tech Jobs in the Aerospace and Defense Industry
All about information technology jobs in the aerospace and defense industry. Learn about trends in the defence and aerospace field, and what kinds of technical aerospace industry and defense industry job opportunities are out there. Details on the IT skills you may need to get an aviation industry job, as well as what kinds of tech positions employers are hiring for in the aerospace and defense industry.
12 Web Developers to Follow on Twitter
As a web developer, Twitter can be an invaluable resource for industry news, making friends, or finding your next gig. Here are a dozen people to start following, recognized leaders in their fields, with specialties ranging from basic HTML to the inner-workings of PHP and JavaScript. Of course, the more active you are on Twitter, the more people you will find.
Server Virtualization: A Definition
Definition of server virtualization. An overview of what is server virtualization, what are the benefits of server virtualization and what kinds of advantages server virtualization can offer your organization. Also, a look at server virtualization trends and adoption, as well as the market and top server virtualization vendors.
How to Respond to Illegal Interview Questions
Details on the types of illegal questions you may encounter during a technical job interview, and tips on how to answer illegal interview questions in the most professional and diplomatic manner possible. Reasons interviewers may end up asking illegal job interview questions, and how to differentiate between inappropriate interview questions and those that are legal and appropriate to ask.
IT Job and Career Opportunities Abound
Where to find information technology (computer) jobs and training on the Web.
Quit your job the right way
There are good and bad ways to do everything -- even say goodbye.
CompTIA A+ entry-level certs
Finding out what tech certifications are out there can make your head spin, especially if you're new to IT. Here's a look at some intro certs.
Four Signs You Might Be a Bad Boss
Often, IT pros are promoted because of their technical skills. The problem is that sometimes they don't know how to manage effectively.
Salary, Benefits and Perks vs Hourly Pay
Tips for converting employee salary, benefits and perks into hourly, independent contractor rates, and vice versa.
Welfare to Work Programs
Welfare to Work Programs - Links to programs and services that help people get off welfare through childcare, job training and employment assistance.
Networking tips for the shy
Networking may not be the most comfortable exercise for introverts but there's no question that it's a valuable career tool.
Internet Business Opportunity - Avoiding Scams
Internet Business Opportunity - How to avoid the scams. Includes links to the 'Top Ten Dot Cons' and other internet business opportunity rip-offs to avoid.
Discrimination Laws
Discrimination laws that protect US employees and applicants from age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion and a variety of other discriminatory reasons.
You may be a tech savant, but there are other...
You can have the best tech skills on the planet but if they exist in a vacuum, then you're not going to be as big of an asset as you think you.
Frequently-Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions at Job Searching - Technical
Companies: Pay heed to complaints about your...
Companies are lax when it comes to their hiring practices.
IT site and tools that can fuel your job search
We've come a long way from paper resumes. Technology affords us a zillion ways to up the job search.
Job Application Form - Download Samples
A job application form might be quite detailed. Here is a sample of the types information you might be asked to provide.
Silicon Valley Jobs
Jobs in Silicon Valley - Job banks specializing in or including Silicon Valley jobs or employment opportunities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Should you be a project manager?
Project management is a lucrative field and its practitioners are always in demand.
Why the hiring process for IT needs to change
If you're looking for IT talent to keep up with tech changes, don't fall into this trap.
Job Scams - 800 and 900 Numbers
Tips for avoiding job opportunity, work at home and telecommuting scams.
Overseas Jobs
Overseas Jobs - These scams rip off thousands of people annually. Here are tips for avoiding them, plus links to real international job search sites that don't charge.
Identity Theft
Identity Theft - Tips for avoiding identity theft through job bank fraud.
What is Offshore IT Outsourcing?
What is offshore outsourcing and why companies choose to send their information technology work overseas to other countries across the globe. Find out which countries are the most popular destinations for sending IT work offshore.
SiteMap - Job Searching - Technical
401k jobs computer resumes interviews letters resignation cover recommendation reference thank you business Job Searching Technical
How to Find a Tech Job Using PrimeCB.com
How to use PrimeCB.com to find retirement jobs in technology. Find jobs for retired or highly experienced IT workers or executives on this job search website. Baby boomers with significant experience in their technical field can post their resumes on PrimeCB, sign up for job alerts and read articles on how to improve their resumes and cover letters.
Apple Application Associate Certifications
Apple has five levels of certification for its application software. Associate certifications are for entry-level users of iWorks and Final Cut Pro. There is a modest fee for the exam and most people can learn what is needed to pass the exam for free.
Poor time management can sink even an IT pro's...
Poor time management can be a big problem in a career. It's easy to overlook someone's talents when they can't finish projects on time.
What is Nearshore IT Outsourcing?
Learn about nearshore outsourcing - the definition of nearshore IT outsourcing, what the difference is between nearshoring and offshoring, why companies nearshore their software development and other IT services, and popular nearshoring destinations.
Apple Certified System Administrator
Information on the Apple Certified System Administrator or ACSA designation: who should get it, what exams you need to pass in order to obtain the certification, how much it costs, and renewals.
HTML5 and Its Impact on Tech Careers
HTML5 may just be your ticket if you're a web developer looking to make the transition to application programming. For the past several years, the future of HTML5 as a web standard has always been just out of reach, seemingly just another couple more years away. However...
More Tips for Negotiating Salaries for Tech Jobs
Tips on salary negotiation after you've been offered an information technology job. Information on when to conduct negotiations, how to research tech salaries, what other forms of compensation you should consider, and guidelines for how high of a salary you should ask for. Learn how to stay positive and patient during the salary negotiation process, and how to finalize your salary details.
5 Worst Things You Can Do at Your New Job
You might think after the interviewing is over with and you're finally starting a new job, that the hard part is over. Don't fall into that trap.
Resumes for Tech Contractors
Instead of organizing your resume by the companies you have worked for, arrange it by each individual project instead. There are four sections for each project: Title, Duration, Technologies Used, and a Description.
Web Design and Web Development
Web Design and Web Development - Tips for landing a job as a Web designer or Web developer.
Salesforce.com - Company Profile
Salesforce.com company profile. Details about Salesforce.com's software as as service or SaaS products, its on demand solutions, and the company's position in the cloud computing and sales force automation market. Information about employment available at Salesforce.com. Tips on applying for jobs at Salesforce.com.
Juniper Networks
Profile on Juniper Networks, a company that sells high-performance networking products and services. Information on Juniper's products, its position in the market and competition, where to find job opportunities and tips on applying for jobs at Juniper.
Mistakes can be the best teacher
Don't let the fear of failure keep you from taking on new initiatives and roles that could possibly change your professional life.
GIAC Certified Penetration Tester – GPEN...
Interested in becoming a certified ethical hacker or certified penetration tester? Here's an overview of GIAC's Certified Penetration Tester designation, or GPEN. Find out what areas GPEN covers, what the requirements are to take the GPEN exam, GPEN's target audience, what the GPEN exam is like, how much the GPEN certification will cost, and how often you can renew the GPEN certification.
Workers' Compensation Insurance - Eligibility,...
Workers' Compensation Insurance - About eligibility, benefits and Federal and state Worker Compensation Insurance laws, plus how to file and appeal a disability claim.
Turn to temporary work while looking for a tech...
If you're out of work more than a couple of months in IT, there are ways to keep you tech skills sharp and in use: doing contract work or working through a temp agency.
Sample Letters of Recommendation - How to...
Sample Letters of Recommendation - How to download our sample letters of recommendation with Internet Explorer.
Putting a Green Spin on Your IT Career
Learn more about the green technology industry and how you can find work in green IT. Green tech or clean tech is a very hot area of job growth right now. Find out what kind of impact the green or environmental movement is having on the IT industry, and how growing concerns about power consumption and cost savings, as well as the economic recession, could affect spending on green IT, the creation of green technology jobs, and the hiring of workers with green tech skills.
Jobs at Start-Up Companies - Startup Start Up
About working for start-up companies and where to find the jobs. Also called startup and start up company jobs.
Job Fair Strategies
Expert advice on how to make the most of job fairs.
Webmaster Jobs, Part 1
About Webmaster jobs, plus links to training resources, salaries and jobs.
Science, High Tech and Technology Industry and...
The latest in science, high-tech and technology industry news, and career and employment trends.
Government Jobs
Government Jobs - It easier to land government jobs with US federal, state and city agencies than it used to be. Links to agency opportunities, plus military duty and military-civilian employment included.
Interview Books
Interview Books - Best selling books that help you to answer questions interviewers ask, prepare you with questions to ask interviewers, teach you how to dress for success, follow up with thank you letters, and otherwise ace job interviews.
Job Fairs - Virtual Online Diversity Live
Job Fairs - Tips for making the most of them, plus links to virtual, online, diversity, live and other types of US and international job fair schedules.
A look at mid-year hiring data for IT pros
A couple of different employment sites weigh in on what the end of this year looks like for IT pros.
Writing Letters
Letter writing help - resignation, cover, thank you, recommendation, reference and more, plus samples and examples.
Search Jobs Online in Your Local Newspaper
How to find and search your local newspaper on the Web.
Posting General Job Opportunities
Guidelines for posting general job opportunities in the bulletin board. Recruiters and employers are welcome to post jobs.
Posting Job-Wanted Messages
Guidelines for posting job-wanted messages in the bulletin board.
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