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Here's why the hiring process for IT needs to change

If you're looking for IT talent to keep up with tech changes, don't fall into this trap.

How to answer the salary question in an interview

One of the hardest questions to answer in an interview is the salary question. Here are some way to keep from underbidding or overbidding yourself.

IT sites and tools that can fuel your job search

We've come a long way from paper resumes. Technology affords us a zillion ways to up the job search.

Four Signs You Might Be a Bad Boss

Often, IT pros are promoted because of their technical skills. The problem is that sometimes they don't know how to manage effectively.

A look at mid-year IT employment data

A couple of different employment sites weigh in on what the end of this year looks like for IT pros.

The benefits and challenges of working for the Defense industry

An IT pro with 32 years' experience working for the defense industry, talks about the benefits, drawbacks, and skills required.

Telecommuting: Pros and cons for the IT pro

Is telecommuting a good fit for you? Here are a few pros and cons to consider if you're an IT pro who is being given the option to work at home.

Advice for IT pros in or entering the software development field

Software development continues to be one of the hottest fields in IT. Here are some tips for being the best at it.

LinkedIn: Use new, and old, features to aid your job search

LinkedIn is a good social media tool for making business connections and searching for a job.

Diversity in IT: Still not where it needs to be

Cultural diversity in IT is, as with any field of work, extremely important. Here's what's going on with tech companies as they recognize this fact.

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