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Things to consider before embarking on a consulting career

If you've had enough of the corporate experience and want to run your own company, be sure to read these tips.

How to quit your job

There are good and bad ways to do everything -- even say goodbye.

How to network even if you're an introvert

Networking may not be the most comfortable exercise for introverts but there's no question that it's a valuable career tool.

Land a job by having an out-of-body experience

When you think about all the resumes hiring managers have to sift through, you have to make yours stand out from the pack.

Save your career with good time management

Poor time management can be a big problem in a career. It's easy to overlook someone's talents when they can't finish projects on time.

Tech skills aren't enough for a successful IT career

You can have the best tech skills on the planet but if they exist in a vacuum, then you're not going to be as big of an asset as you think you.

Make mistakes and take chances

Don't let the fear of failure keep you from taking on new initiatives and roles that could possibly change your professional life.

Here's why the hiring process for IT needs to change

If you're looking for IT talent to keep up with tech changes, don't fall into this trap.

How to answer the salary question in an interview

One of the hardest questions to answer in an interview is the salary question. Here are some way to keep from underbidding or overbidding yourself.

IT sites and tools that can fuel your job search

We've come a long way from paper resumes. Technology affords us a zillion ways to up the job search.

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