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Professional Organizations
Guide picks
Professional organizations, associations, guilds, unions, and more, for researching, socializing, networking, training, and finding job leads.

Cultural Diversity
From your About.com Guide, organizations and career sites dedicated to helping ethnic groups, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities.

Women's Career Resources
From your About.com Guide, organizations and career sites that help women break out of traditional job roles and right through the glass ceiling.

Link to the Websites of unions affiliated with The American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations. Also read about workers' rights, women's issues, and many other labor-related topics.

The Alliance for Computers and Writing
An association of teachers and researchers who are interested in using computer technologies and networks to improve their classroom writing instruction.

American Astronomical Society
Browse astronomy-related jobs and take advantage of other benefits offered by the society.

American Chemical Society
Membership includes a subscription to Chemical & Engineering News, employment and career services, and discounts on publications and continuing education, to name a few.

American Electronics Association
Representing more than 3,000 companies, it's a meeting place for professionals in all segments of the high-tech industry. Benefits range from networking events to a credit union.

American Institute of Architects
Discounts on services and products, member directory, building products directory, career resources and more. Some benefits require membership, but job searching is free.

American Institute of Physics
Publications and many benefits, including a career center with job searching, résumé posting, and info on hiring events, workshops and internships.

American Society for Training and Development
Over 70,000 members in more than 150 countries benefit from the professional development assistance offered by the ASTD since 1944.

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