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Here's where you can do some research about tech companies, from small firms to large enterprises. Learn what they do, their place in the market and the typical types of job they have open.

Adobe Systems - Company Profile
A profile of Adobe Systems, which includes information about the history and company culture of Adobe Systems, as well as what kind of compensation and benefits you can expect when working there. Find tips on how to get a job at Adobe Systems.

Apple Computer - Company Profile
Apple Computer company profile, history, compensation and benefits. Types of open positions at Apple Computer Inc. Information about applying and working at Apple Computer.

Cisco Systems
Find tips on applying for jobs at Cisco Systems Inc., based in San Jose, California. The company designs and sells networking and communications technology and services, and employs people with software, hardware and systems engineering skills and experience.

Google - Overview, Company Culture and History
Google company profile. Information about the history of Google, and details about Google offices around the world and what it's like to work for this company. Learn more about how to get a job at Google, as well as the benefits and culture this firm offers.

Intel Jobs
Background on Intel Corporation, and details on the company culture, compensation and benefits. Information on how to find jobs at Intel and have a successful job interview with the company.

Juniper Networks
Profile on Juniper Networks, a company that sells high-performance networking products and services. Information on Juniper's products, its position in the market and competition, where to find job opportunities and tips on applying for jobs at Juniper.

Microsoft Corporation - Company Profile
Microsoft Corporation information and company profile. Details about jobs, company culture, benefits, product line and Microsoft history, as well as tips on finding jobs at Microsoft.

NetApp Company Profile
Information about NetApp (formerly Network Appliance). Details about the history and company culture of NetApp, as well as the types of positions typically available, and tips on how to get a job at NetApp.

Company Profile - Oracle Corporation
Oracle Corporation information and company profile. Details about Oracle Corporation job opportunities, company culture and history, benefits, certifications, product line. How to get a job with Oracle Corporation.

Qualcomm Company Profile
Qualcomm history and information on the firm's products and services, as well as its company culture. Types of positions available at Qualcomm, as well as information on how to apply for them.

Salesforce.com - Company Profile
Salesforce.com company profile. Details about Salesforce.com's software as as service or SaaS products, its on demand solutions, and the company's position in the cloud computing and sales force automation market. Information about employment available at Salesforce.com. Tips on applying for jobs at Salesforce.com.

SAS Institute Company Profile
SAS Institute company profile. Information about what makes SAS Institute one of the best places to work, including the history of SAS Institute, and information about compensation and benefits at this company.

TriGeo Network Security
Profile of TriGeo Network Security Inc., based in Houston. The company makes a security information and event management solution called TriGeo Security Information Manager, which is available in an appliance format. Find tips on applying for jobs at TriGeo, and where you can find the latest job openings.

Profile of Unisys, a technology solutions and services company, including information on typical job opportunities within the company, and tips on how to apply for open positions.

Find tips on applying for jobs at YouTube, based in San Bruno, California. The company provides an easy way for users to upload and share video clips on its site, and looks for people with strong coding, software engineering, analytical and creative skills.

Facebook: Company Profile
Facebook is not only the world's most popular social networking website, it is one of the most sought-after employers in the world. With an estimated 250,000 job applications submitted to Facebook each year, if you want to get a job at Facebook, here are some things to know about the company.

CompuCom: Company Profile
CompuCom is an IT outsourcing company hiring for infrastructure management and integration, application development, as well as hardware and software procurement and management.

Quixey: Company Profile
Quixey is the Palo Alto software development company behind the Quixey Challenge, an online contest for software developers. Quixey also created the Functional Search application for finding apps based on app metadata rather than keywords.

Twitter: Company Profile
Once the butt of jokes for its lack of advertising revenue and its often-recurring "fail whale," Twitter has emerged as one of the leading social media platforms in the world.

Emerson: Company Profile
Emerson is a Fortune 150 company employing 133,000 people worldwide, including over 8,000 engineers. Emerson was founded in 1890 and today is a Fortune 150 company with an annual revenue of $24.2 billion.

Ernst & Young: Company Profile
Ernst & Young is a global professional services firm employing 18,000 people, with annual revenues of $4 billion. IT professionals are a major component of the advisory work they do with clients in the areas of risk assessment and IT advisory services.

How to get a job at a top tech company
Most IT pros dream of working for the hottest tech companies. Here are some tips for getting hired.

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