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Overview - Netflix

Netflix was founded in 1998. They pioneered the idea of DVD rentals by mail. They currently have over 6 million subscribers, and ship over 1.5 million discs per day. Subscribers pay a monthly fee, discs are checked out online, shipped to the customer, and returned via postage paid envelope, with no late fees. At the beginning of 2007, Netflix also introduced a streaming media service that allows subscribers to watch movies instantly.

Netflix is headquartered in Los Gatos, CA.

Netflix - Company Culture

Netflix is known for having an employee-oriented culture, including unlimited vacation time for salaried workers and allowing employees to take any amount of their paychecks in stock options. Teamwork is highly valued in the Netflix culture, with team members even contributing to peer employee reviews.

Jobs at Netflix

Netflix typically hires for their corporate headquarters in Los Altos, CA as well as their offices in Beverly Hills, CA; Hillsboro, OR and in operations facilities throughout the United States. Typical job openings include the following:

Netflix - Compensation and Benefits

Netflix is known to pay well and to offer their employees an excellent benefits package, including unlimited vacation time. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company is also viewed by many as a benefit or "perk" to working at Netflix.

From the Netflix corporate website, the following are “8 Great Reasons to Work at Netflix”

  • Netflix delights
  • Connecting people with movies they’ll love is why Netflix exists.
  • We're democratizing movie distribution
  • We pay well
  • Our values are real
  • Rules annoy us
  • Our consistently outstanding people
  • We love movies
  • Our amazing future
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