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Degrees and Certificates in Video Game Development and Programming

Universities and Certificate Programs in Games Programming


The gaming industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. University programs in computer science with a specialty in video games development are beginning to emerge as popular choices for engineers. Following are some of the places where you can learn how to be a games programmer or video games developer. The list of top 10 programs comes from the Global Gaming League. There are links at the end to some programs not listed in their top 10 that are also worth mentioning.

1. University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin has an award winning computer science prgram, with undergarduate a graduate programs in video games and digital media. Ranked number 1 by Global Gaming as the best school for gamers.

2. Penn State

Penn State ranked number 2 on the Global Gaming list. There are a lot of on campus gaming activities, although no formal program exists yet for gaming. Check back, though - I bet it's coming soon!

3. Rochester Institute of Technology

The well recpected Rochester Institute of Technology offers both a Bachelors and Masters degree program in Game Design and Development.


UCLA has a very strong Computer Science school, with many area of focus that are relevant to game development. They ranked number 4 on the Global Gaming League top 10.

5. Digipen Institute of Technology - Redmond, WA

Digipen is a small game programming school in Redmond and Vancouver. It has close ties with Microsoft and Nintendo America (close geographical proximity to both).

6. University of Southern CA, Los Angeles

USC's Interactive Media Division offers a Bachelor of Arts in game design, as well as a Master of Fine Arts in interactive entertainment. The program was developed with assistance from Electronic Arts and works closely with Microsoft as well.

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech has a lot to offer any techie. There are some added benefits to gamers, though, in the animation and graphics programs. Extremely cool labs on campus.

8. University of MN, Minneapolis

University of Minnesota offers a very tech friendly campus, with a bachelors or masters degree in computer science with emphasis available in several areas relevant to gaming, including Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, and User Interfaces.

9. Full Sail Real World Education - Orlando, FL

Full Sail comes in number 9 on the GLL listings. They offer degrees in game development, computer animation, graphic design and digital arts and design. The program is fully accredited. Campus and on-line learning available.

10. University of Michigan, Dearborn

University of Michigan at Dearborn game devlopment program among the best available. The program ranked number 9 of 10 on the global gaming league ranking.

11. Worchester Polytechnic Institute

Not on the GGL list, Worchester Polytechnic Institute has a great computer science department, and a interactive media and game development major that gets high marks from attendees and the gaming community.

12. UC Santa Cruz Computer Game Design

UC Santa Cruz school of Engineering now offers a Computer Game Design program. The program is fairly new as of thsi writing,

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