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Top 9 Resources For Keeping Your Tech Skills Current


Keeping your skills current can make or break your career in the tech industry. Technology can change rapidly, and it is vital to keep current. The following training resources can help you learn new skills or refine the ones you already have.

1. A2Z Colleges

A2Z Colleges is a handy search site for undergraduate and graduate university information. Search by major or by geography. Useful information here as well on financing your education.

2. Top Schools for Engineering

The US News top Engineering Schools is a well respected resource in the industry. Employers and Recruiting Firms use this list as a target for campus recruiting. The abbreviated version, available for free, simply lists the top schools. Pay a small fee to get all of the statistics on each school's performance.

3. Distance Learning Options

E-Learning, or distance learning, is a hot topic in education. These are courses and sometimes entire degree programs that you can take from the comfort of your living room. US News has put together a bunch of handy information on the topic.

4. Top MBA

International resource site for the top Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs. Lots of great information here about admissions and tests as well.

5. Microsoft Certifications Guide

Microsoft offers a set of very "hot" certifications. They offer excellent programs in a variety of technical professions(developers, administrators, business managers, educatiors and more). Learn more about Microsoft from their Company Profile.

6. Cisco Certifications

If you are interested in the world of networking, a Cisco certification is "the" certification to have. Learn directly from the world leaders in networking.

7. Oracle Certifications

Oracle Corporation, the world leader in database systems, offers several certification programs for database professionals. Also offers certifications for eBusiness professionals and other business functions related to technology. Learn more about Oracle Corporation from their company profile.

8. Sun Java Certifications

If you are interested in the world of java development, this is a great certification to have. Sun Microsystems is the creator of java, and offers courses directly.

9. Electrical Engineering Certifications

Earn distinction in the electrical engineering field. This is a great resource explaining the different electrical engineering certifications.

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